a couple discussing selling its 5-room HDB resale flat in woodlands before collecting keys to their bto flat

HDB Sold in 5 Days: Entire Selling Journey From Start to End

Maelyn Lagman

Flashback to June 2020: We’re well into the Circuit Breaker period, and everyone’s adjusting to working from home. But though it’s ‘same old, same old’ for those who can work remotely, self-employed persons like property agents and their clients face a critical situation. 

Property players must now adhere to these new rules: No physical meetings or house viewings are allowed. For agents whose livelihoods revolve around interacting with people face-to-face, it is a considerable challenge.  

It’s hard for their clients, too; buyers may have a more challenging time choosing a home, and sellers may have a longer selling time. 

One seller, in particular, is facing that challenge. We’ll call him Mr Lim (not his real name).

Mr Lim’s goal is to sell his 5-room HDB resale flat in Woodlands and use his sale proceeds to finance his BTO flat purchase. 

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But here’s the problem: There are less than two months left until the BTO key collection and, with physical home viewings not allowed, for the time being, Mr Lim is afraid he won’t be able to sell his home fast enough to pay the balance amount for his BTO flat. 

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. 

Did he sell his HDB resale flat in time for the BTO key collection? Let’s find out. 

The race to virtually sell a home during Circuit Breaker

Mr Lim’s urgency to sell intensifies as the date for his BTO key collection edges closer. So he decides to engage a property agent to help him sell his home quickly. 

Who does he engage? 

With Ohmyhome, sellers are matched to a specific Super Agent who is well-versed in selling their particular property type and location.

“I engaged Ohmyhome to see if their agent can help me sell my house quickly,” Mr Lim says. “I found out about them on Google and, when I went to their website to check, they had a pop-up chat box which I used to talk to their Relationship Manager. They immediately matched me with a Super Agent to help me with my home sale.”

Ohmyhome Tip: With Ohmyhome, sellers are matched to a specific Super Agent who is well-versed in selling their particular property type (in this case, an HDB flat) and location (North region) to better assist them.

How to virtually sell a home with Ohmyhome

“He told me he needed to sell his current flat quickly,” Ohmyhome Super Agent shares. “He made it clear that it was urgent as his new BTO key collection was coming soon.

“After getting to know more about his goals and figuring out the best timeline for him, I did my market research, financial calculations, and enhanced our timeline planning. With these ready, I did my listing presentation for him over Zoom.”

Dive Deeper:

Virtual listing presentations are still the norm today, ever since its rise during the Circuit Breaker period last year, as the Covid-19 situation remains uncertain.  

As Mr Lim’s Super Agent is not allowed to visit him at home, the photos and videos required for the listing needed to be taken by the seller himself. Fortunately for Mr Lim, Ohmyhome had prepared a video guide on how to do just that.

How to create a home video tour like a pro: A Step-by-step guide

Ohmyhome Super Agents share: “Our marketing team made a video guide that teaches sellers how to take the best photos and videos of their home. It includes lighting tips and home-staging tips, even what kind of equipment they can use to showcase their home in the best way possible to attract more buyers with their listing.”

With the videos and photos from the seller, Mr Lim’s agent advertised his listing online, boosting it for more exposure. 

Dive Deeper: Ohmyhome Gives Their 101% To Find a Good Tenant

Ohmyhome Tip: Every Super Agent of Ohmyhome is trained in taking photos and videos to supplement their listings as it’s long been identified as a game-changer when it comes to attracting potential buyers. In fact, when a new property agent joins Ohmyhome, he or she undergoes practical training sessions with senior Super Agents focusing on photo-taking, videography, and even the best practices for home staging. 

Still, selling a home online can be daunting, even with all the resources available from Ohmyhome.

From his listing, with the photos and video tour, enquiries from potential buyers started pouring in.

When Mr Lim got an extension for his BTO key collection from HDB, he decided to hold off the marketing of his unit until physical viewings are allowed again. Unfortunately, the Circuit Breaker was extended, and he had to continue with selling his home online. 

Ohmyhome secures Mr Lim a buyer and an offer in only five days

From his listing, with the photos and video tour, enquiries from potential buyers started pouring in. One buyer was so interested that they requested a live video tour—though it sounds sketchy at first, live video tours are often conducted with the property agent on the call to ensure things go smoothly.

Ohmyhome live video tours are conducted with Super Agents on the call to ensure things go smoothly.

Locking in a date and time for the live video tour, the Ohmyhome Super Agent conducts the live video tour with Mr Lim, who tours them around his home on camera and in real-time. 

That particular buyer, impressed beyond belief, eventually buys the flat, and the seller receives a record price (over 24 months) for his 5-room HDB resale flat in Woodlands. They even completed their documentation without any physical contact or interaction as all paperwork that could be done online was done so, and courier-delivered the hard-copy documents. 

The whole ordeal happened within only five days, including finding the ready buyer and securing the offer. 

Sell your home 2X faster for as low as $2,888 with Ohmyhome Super Agents! 

Call 6886 9009 or schedule a casual talk with them.

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