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5 Ways Homer AI Makes You Smarter Than a Property Agent in Singapore

Maelyn Lagman

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When you’re trying to get more information about your property or the Singapore property market, it can be hard to distinguish what’s real and what’s a sales gimmick with over 35,000 property agents fighting for your attention (and wallet). For example, what looks to be a developer’s website of their latest new launch condo is most likely created by a property agent. 

While it would be unwise (and unrealistic) for you to never go on the Internet or speak to a property agent forever, it would also not be enough to follow a property agent’s advice without having some information in reserve. 

So where can you get unbiased property information that’s accurate and doesn’t cost anything? Check out this free AI tool, which provides comprehensive property data, used by over 17,000 homeowners in Singapore. 

5 ways Homer AI makes you smarter than a property agent

Say hi to Homer AI

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Homer AI is your Home Ownership Management e-Valuation Report AI tool that gives you all the information you need about your home and the property market in Singapore. With this, you won’t have to rely on property agents purely for the truth. In fact, you may end up becoming smarter than them. 

5 ways Homer AI makes you smarter than a property agent

#1: Get an accurate estimate of your home value

When selling a HDB flat, you need to wait until the Option to Purchase (OTP) has been granted to the buyer before you can get an official appraisal from HDB. With a condo, the valuation is usually done after the deal is concluded. However, for both HDB flats and condos, you can get an indicative valuation before selling your home. 

After conducting a thorough comparison of Ohmyhome’s Homer AI with rivals such as SRX, EdgeProp, 99.co, and PropertyGuru, we’ve proven that it provides the most accurate indicative home valuation in the market today. 

What makes Homer AI’s e-Valuation more accurate is that it performs a comparable market analysis from past transactions (which is available on HDB and URA) and current property listings available for sale on portals everywhere.

#2: Stay updated on your home valuation every month

Additionally, Homer AI will update you on your home valuation every month. For example, a 4-room HDB resale flat in Blk 79E Toa Payoh Central was valued at $776,000 in February. This May (as of the date of publication), it has gone up 0.26% to $779,000. 

With Homer AI, you won’t have to pull up the website or the app to get notified of such changes. You’ll receive it directly on your phone, every month, like clockwork. 

#3: Compare your home valuation to agents’ transaction records

And what’s even better: Ohmyhome Super Agents have gone on to sell properties at prices higher than market valuation and average transacted prices. 

Pictured below is a 4-room HDB flat at Blk 130B Toa Payoh Central, within 1km of the HDB flat at Blk 79E, sold at over $1 million. This is 22.76% above the average transacted price in Toa Payoh Central, which is impressive since The Peak @ Toa Payoh (with rare DBSS flats that sell at a premium) is within the vicinity.

#4: Assess your pool of potential buyers before listing your property for sale

When selling a home, negotiating your ideal price with potential buyers is only half of the equation; and dare I say the easier part of the process. What’s harder is finding a pool of buyers who are interested in your property. With Homer AI, you don’t have to do anything to find them.

We can match you with any one of the 200,000 users in our database who’ve told us the type of property they’re intending to buy and their ideal location and budget. Our algorithm automatically matches them with listings for sale or rent, and you get to see who they are on Homer AI. 

#5: Calculate your potential cash proceeds and affordability for your next home 

Homer AI’s financial calculators are for everyone who’s too busy to do their own financial calculations to fix a budget for their next home purchase. (Secretly, it’s for husbands struggling to explain property mathematics to their wives.)

With our Cash Proceeds Calculator, you can gauge how much extra cash you’ll have on hand after selling your home. 

And with our Affordability Calculator, you need only to input your current financial details to find out what your minimum cash down payment is, including your maximum loan amount and payable stamp duties. 

Take the guesswork out of your home-selling journey

Enjoy free access to cold, hard property data — anytime, anywhere — on Homer AI. 

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