Not Just An Offer From A Regular Tenant, But An Offer From The Right One

Maelyn Lagman

Maelyn Lagman

About the shophouse


Our family property is a rather uncommon one, a shophouse unit with commercial and residential use. It was our first time leasing out a residential property, and we were quite apprehensive if the tenant would take good care of the property. We’d rather find a good and assuring tenant than rush to lease it out.

We felt quite disheartened at the start because the listing was not picking up as much interest as we hoped. We knew it was partly because of the nature of the property, but we were a little discouraged nonetheless.

The Ohmyhome Experience

When we handed over the property to Ohmyhome for marketing, they took time and effort to understand the nature of the property and the locality in detail. They also helped stage the interior before taking the pictures that would accompany the listing to ensure that it portrayed the property in the best way. Truthfully, we felt terrific seeing our unit so clean and well-managed in the photos.


The Ohmyhome team was also aware that it was our first time leasing a unit, and we needed a tenant that would take good care of the property. They kept this in mind and were very active and transparent with us when screening all enquiries.

Thankfully Ohmyhome worked with us through the journey and recalibrated the strategy to market the property. They also explained the market conditions and tenancy prospects honestly and patiently, which helped ensure that everyone’s expectations are aligned.

Receiving the Offer


It felt great to receive the offer! Not just an offer from a regular tenant, but an offer from the right one. It was comforting to trust that the Ohmyhome team was as stringent in screening the potential tenants as we needed them to be. Though the process of landing the final offer took a little longer than we had hoped, we felt that having the right tenant was essential, and the team assured us that they would consider our concerns and requirements first and foremost.

We also found it impressive that Ohmyhome could digitise all the paperwork. Not only is it good for the environment, but it simplified my records of the transactions, invoices, etc. as well. Having the Ohmyhome app also improved our viewing and listing process, which, of course, we couldn’t have done without our Super Agent’s help.

A home is where I’m most comfortable…

A home is a space where I can feel physically and mentally comfortable. The physical space is an outward projection of my character: cheerful, practical, somewhat-neat, with a dose of unaccomplished minimalism. Mentally, home is a source of permanence and stability, where I can declutter from the nonsense of the world and rejuvenate my happiness.


Thanks to Ohmyhome, I was able to find the right home for my family and me, where we can spend time together and embark on the next stage of our lives.

Contributed By: Zhang Wei Sheng

Mr. Zhang bought a new launch condo, furnished, and leased it out with Ohmyhome. He also owns a second property: A shophouse at Siglap Road, which he leased out with Ohmyhome.

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