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HomerAI home eValuation by Ohmyhome


Problems Faced by Home Owners Today

Receiving Fair Value For Home

Homeowners today may not know how much exactly to price their homes for and may lose out.

Understanding Your Proceeds

How much do you actually get to keep? There’s too much to calculate and keep track of.

The Selling & Buying Timeline

The selling and buying process isn’t equal and timeline management can be difficult.

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Homer AI is your new Home Ownership Management & e-Valuation AI Tool.


You now have access to real-time information in the palms of your hands and don’t have to rely purely on property agents for the truth.


Accuracy in your home valuation.
Based on the most recent available and reliable data all factored in to provide accuracy.


You'll be able to calculate your net cash proceeds from the sale of your home. This includes deducting fees you may not even know existed.


Walking with you every step of the way. Homer AI plans and provides step-by-step guides on your specific property timeline.

Getting Started With Homer AI


Create Account & Update Address

Login and connect your condo address by keying in manually.


Explore Homer AI’s Dashboard

Simple and Intuitive. Start with your condo e-Valuation by Homer AI or indicate your intended selling price.


Get Started On Selling Your Condo

Homer AI will recommend you agents focusing on your estate and get you started on the selling journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

HomerAI stands for Home Ownership Management and E-Valuation Report Artificial Intelligence. It’s a proprietary dashboard powered by Ohmyhome’s internal database to help home buyers and sellers understand the fair value of their home, plan their finances and their cash proceeds, and track the entire property transaction timeline. Homer AI also helps home owners in finding the future home and helps to calculate the affordability. 

With HomerGPT user can ask any real estate questions and get personalised answers. 

Importantly with MATCH, you will be able to know potential buyer matches and decide on the best selling strategy, timelines and cash proceeds. 

To achieve highly accurate results, Homer AI uses real-time big data from trusted private and public sources, comparable market analysis, and property indices to calculate your home’s current value. Powered by machine learning technology, Ohmyhome e-Valuation yields highly precise and localised indicative e-valuation results with a median error rate of 2-3%.

At launch, Homer AI is trained provide insights on HDB and Condo homes. In the very near future, Homer AI will be able to support landed homes. Stay tuned! He’s only getting smarter.

Homer AI keeps important details of your property recorded and updated at all times. This includes the value of your home, which can rise or fall due to market forces and your mortgage balance and cash proceeds.

In our next phase, Homer AI will be able to provide you recommendations on properties you’ll be able to purchase based on your affordability, provide hyper localized insights, news, and data of your estate, and plan your buying and selling journey and timelines.

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