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Here Are 5 Ways HomerGPT is Better Than ChatGPT For Singapore Homeowners

Maelyn Lagman

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In a bid to empower you with real-time, reliable information about your home and the property market, we have made a groundbreaking development to our innovative Homer AI platform. Today, you can test out the beta version of HomerGPT to get an accurate estimate of your home valuation, potential cash proceeds, and property listings for sale and rent that fit your ideal budget, location, and property size.

As of May 2, 2024, over 17,000 homeowners in Singapore prefer Homer AI over ChatGPT, and even their property agent! With Homer AI, you are smarter, more efficient, and less worried about your property transaction.

What can HomerGPT do?

Ohmyhome Co-founder Race Wong using Homer AI at home

HomerGPT empowers you with valuable information about your home

It is designed to provide homeowners like you with invaluable insights about your property and the property market. Here’s what you can expect:

Key Features of HomerGPT

1. Home Valuation

HomerGPT employs advanced algorithms and real-time data to provide you with precise property valuations. Whether you’re buying, selling, or simply curious about your property’s value, HomerGPT has you covered.

As you would already have registered your property with Homer, which will gather all your property details such as your property type (HDB or condo), the model of your property (4-room, 5-room, etc.), unit size, floor level, and address, you won’t have to give HomerGPT all these details when asking it information about your home. 

Why is knowing your home valuation so important?

Understanding your home’s value can assist you in establishing a more accurate and potentially higher selling price for your property.

A home valuation is an evaluation of your property’s value, primarily grounded in past transactions of comparable-sized units within the same vicinity. With Homer and HomerGPT, we exclusively incorporate the most current and dependable data to guarantee accuracy in your home valuation.

2. Latest Property News

Staying informed about property market trends and regulatory changes is essential, from property cooling measures to new HDB guidelines on BTO classifications and updates on HDB schemes. 

HomerGPT keeps users updated with the latest property news, market insights, and any changes that could affect their investments.

3. Interest Rates

Understanding interest rates is crucial when it comes to property financing. HomerGPT offers real-time information on prevailing interest rates, helping users make informed decisions about loans and mortgages. 

Why is staying updated with interest rates so important?

  • If interest rates experience an upswing, you will inevitably see your monthly repayments rise.
  • It will help you make well-informed choices about your home loan. In a scenario where interest rates are on the rise, you may consider refinancing to a fixed-rate loan to secure a lower rate for more stability in your monthly repayments.
  • The impact of interest rates extends to the overall cost of the home throughout the loan’s duration. Even a slight increase can lead to substantial interest payments over time. To illustrate, consider a standard home loan with a 3.5% annual interest rate; over time, you may have to pay approximately 23% of the property’s price solely in interest repayments.
  • As interest rates rise, landlords may find themselves compelled to raise rental rates in order to cover their increasing mortgage payments.

4. Property Transaction Data

Access comprehensive data on property transactions, providing insights into recent sales, rental trends, and price movements in your desired areas. This information is extremely valuable for those entering and/or exiting the property market.

5. Property Listings For Sale and Rent

Without having to talk to or message a property agent, or visiting numerous property portals, you can now view all available property listings for sale and rent on Homer AI. Simply let HomerGPT know the type of property you’re looking for, your ideal location, and your preferred budget to receive a list of listings you can consider.

This is an app-exclusive feature so make sure you download Homer AI — available on the App Store and Google Play.

Ask HomerGPT your property questions today!

Your AI property expert, armed with precise data from reliable sources, is ready to provide you with all the information you will need about your home. Ask HomerGPT your questions here.

Should you sell your current home now and buy a new property?

Everyone’s situation is different, so the answer to this varies. To find out whether it IS a good time for you to start a property journey, drop us a message on WhatsApp to reach any of our Super Agents.

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