How to Get Your Home Ready for Christmas



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It’s beginning to look like Christmas! Are you counting down the days? All part of the festive fun is to start embellishing our homes with decor that screams, “Merry Christmas!” If you don’t have a team of elves to help decorate your home to the nines, we have some super simple decor tips for you.

What are you waiting for? Heat up some cinnamon hot chocolate on the stove, turn up your favourite Christmas playlist and let’s get into bringing the Yuletide cheer to your beloved home.

Get a fir tree

A symbol of holiday cheer, Christmas trees are usually the first on everyone’s home decor list. Not a fan of huge, fir trees in your home? Go the alternative route with a mini tree that can save you a ton of floor space – you can even set it on a shelf. Be sure to achieve that “wow” effect by hanging tons of festive ornaments and fairy lights.

Fire up the Christmas aromas

What’s Christmas without the warm scent of cinnamon and cloves wafting in the air? If you’re intent on unleashing your inner Martha Stewart, we recommend baking a tray of Christmas cookies to fill your home with that nostalgic scent. A little pressed for time? Lighting a few candles and running out for some potpourri will do the job without you having to clean up the kitchen after.

Hang festive wreaths

The quickest way to make sure your home is ready to welcome Christmas with open arms is by hanging wreaths on your walls and doors. To put a spin on the traditional, winter-style wreaths, you can get creative by assembling tropical flowers on your wreaths instead. After all, our perpetually sunny Singapore is not a winter wonderland – unless you count cranking up your air conditioning to full blast!

Stick on the mistletoe

For those who want to keep the flame alive and not shy to embrace romantic Christmas traditions, it’s time to hang up that mistletoe at a high traffic area (we suggest doorway!) and be sure to lock lips with your significant other every time you happen to find yourself, or your spouse, standing under it!

Aside from the mistletoe, does your door need some sprucing up?

Invite your loved ones over

This may be easily overlooked but having those nearest and dearest to you at your home for this jolly season is perhaps, the best Christmas decoration one can ask for. Store-bought decorations don’t hold a candle to the feeling of being surrounded by those we love and spending quality time with them.

Out of ideas on how to make festive seasons more memorable with your other half? Read on these tips to celebrate your husband all year round.

Feeling jolly yet? If all else fails, now surely is a good time to start a thorough clean up of your home – a spring cleaning of sorts that’s been months in the making. Those neglected nooks and crannies that you’ve procrastinated to dust and wipe this whole time should be where you start first. Watch how refreshed and vibrant your living space will look after some good sprucing up!

Looking to add colour to your home in time for Christmas? We provide professional home painting services from $550 with a free site visit and post-completion service warranty!

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