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5 Ways to Celebrate Your Husband on Father’s Day


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When thinking about the man you have built your home with, does it make you smile? Or does it make you cry – tears of joy?

Father’s day is special for many reasons; you celebrate your husband, you honour the father of your child/ children, and you appreciate the man that he has become.

So, how do you celebrate the special man in your life?

1. Spoil him with affection

What’s more special than crafting a personalised message with your kid/s to give to dad?
For families with newborn or infant, you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars for baby hand and feet moulding in a studio for dad to remember the magic of that moment he became a father. All you need is a good quality paper, outline your baby’s hand and feet then write a simple Father’s Day message.

5-ways-celebrate-your-husband-fathers-day spoil with affection

For families with toddlers and preschoolers, let your kids express their hearts out. They can draw, dance with dad to their favourite father-daughter song or sing their go-to father and son soundtrack. The sky’s the limit!

5-ways-celebrate-your-husband-fathers-day dance with daughter

For families with teenagers, let your teen plan it for dad according to their heart’s desire. For families with children overseas, how about a touching video greeting?

2. Boost his heart with more than 12 hugs

Hugs encourage your body to release oxytocin, which is a chemical in our bodies often called the “cuddle hormone.” This is associated with happiness and reduced stress because oxytocin levels rise when we hug, touch, or sit close to someone.

How about greeting your husband with an extra tight ‘good morning hug’? Give him hug number 1, then let your kids take turns in embracing him until hug number 12. You may wonder, why 12 hugs? A famous quote goes, “We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need twelve hugs a day for growth.”

5-ways-celebrate-your-husband-fathers-day 12 hugs a day

Every embrace is a gift to him as it is to the one giving it. No doubt, hugs are medicine for the heart!

3. Plan “It’s a Date with Dad!” for your kid/s

If you have children, be sure to schedule a one-on-one quality time session with dad for each of them. Either book them in your husband’s favourite restaurant, a walk in the park, a museum visit, an art workshop or an indoor playground.

5-ways-celebrate-your-husband-fathers-day date one on one

If your husband is a sports enthusiast, go make a whole day out of it. Get hold of tickets to his favourite match with your sporty kid. If reading is his passion, he can visit the library with a fellow bookworm child. Depending on his interests, spoil him with activities he loves on his special day!

4. Make time for “Just You and Me Date”

Being a modern-day woman with a hectic schedule, “Just You and Me Date” will be a welcome relief for your husband as much as it is for you. How about booking a trip to his favourite destination, perhaps a weekend at the beach? Build new memories you both will treasure for the rest of your life. Be it holding hands while watching the sunset, a good whole body massage, a movie date or a romantic candlelit dinner.

5-ways-celebrate-your-husband-fathers-day date him

Amp up the romance by creating a list of what you appreciate most about him, either write it in a letter or record in a video. The list could be endless, let it be. Share it with him during your date.

5. Create a Time Capsule for the Father’s Days to come

If you love DIY, compile his photos with your kid/s at different development stages and display it artfully in a scrapbook. Then add to it periodically and view it with him from cover to cover every Father’s Day to come. You can also write brief notes of appreciation for his simple acts that mental notes may forget. Drop it in a container and let him read it when the day comes.

It will be a tangible reminder of the great man that he is to you and to your children.

5-ways-celebrate-your-husband-fathers-day kite flying

Celebrating our husbands and the amazing dads they are shouldn’t be limited to only once a year when Father’s Day rolls around. In short, everyday could be Father’s Day! By the way, have you given 12 hugs to your own dad yet?

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Sources: Forbes, Richardson, Livescience

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