A Guide: Paya Lebar Airbase Redevelopment Plans (Part 2)

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A Guide: Paya Lebar Airbase Redevelopment Plans (Part 2)


Check out Part 1 of our guide for more information on URA’s redevelopment plans for Paya Lebar Airbase and how it may affect the property market.

Future residents of the new Paya Lebar town can look forward to accessing different parts of the island via multiple modes of transport intersecting with the area. The Cross Island Line, which is expected to be completed the same year as the development at Paya Lebar Air Base commences, will allow commuters to the Eastern and Western parts of Singapore via Aviation Park MRT and Bright Hill MRT respectively. 

Cyclists and runners may also utilise the park connector network, complete with green corridors that extend towards the towns of Punggol, Sengkang, Serangoon, Pasir Ris and even East Coast Park. 

A map showing the development plans of public transport and partk connectors in Paya Lebar Airbase. | Source: URA 

To keep pedestrians and cyclists safe, plans to build safe routes that bridge across the KPE are underway. This will free pedestrian roads from vehicular traffic and offer architects opportunities to build spaces designed to accommodate communal activities.

A variety of safe transportation options to move around town

Connectivity within the town itself has not been overlooked, either. In an effort to dedicate more space towards building amenities, intra-town roads will be off limits for conventional vehicles. 

Instead, dedicated pathways will be provided in the form of pedestrian lanes, bicycle paths, autonomous vehicle mobility lanes and even communal green spaces. The variety of roads and transportation options will prevent congestion and allow the elderly and less mobile to choose a mode of transportation of their choice. 

Powering a sustainable town for Singapore’s future 

As part of efforts to reinforce Singapore’s identity as a City in Nature, developers will also focus on interlinking green and blue spaces in the revamped Paya Lebar town. These conceptual designs will help the town adapt to climate change and address issues of resource scarcity. 

For example, green and blue networks will act as buffers to protect the city area from urban flooding, an increasingly common phenomenon in recent years. Drainage networks will also help redirect stormwater runoffs towards Singapore’s water catchment reservoirs to improve water security on a national level. 

URA’s illustrative concept master plan for Paya Lebar Airbase. | Source: URA

Enhancing ecological connectivity 

A network of nature corridors and walkways between major parks will be incorporated to facilitate the movement and migration of native species across spaces, as well as create opportunities for residents to gain exposure to and understand the ecological makeup of plant and animal populations in Singapore. 

Notable developments that are currently being considered include waterfront spaces and even floating recreational spaces, which will no doubt add a new dimension to the appreciation of the environment and leisure activities. 

Harnessing energy from sustainable sources

To cool buildings in an energy-efficient way, residential towers will be oriented to avoid direct sunlight from the East and West. Additionally, green spaces will be integrated into tower buildings in an alternating fashion, allowing residents to view urban greenery from various angles, but more importantly, facilitate wind movement that will naturally cool and ventilate common spaces. Developers are also considering ways to integrate sustainable energy generation sources such as solar and waste-to-energy farms into the town. 

An overview of how Paya Lebar Airbase can be powered sustainably. | Source: URA

Building a neighbourly and people-centric community 

Architects also plan to inject new life into the existing cold, concrete military airbase to fulfil their vision of building a live-work-play town. Proposed plans include flexible spaces dedicated towards pilot community programmes initiated by residents themselves, painting a warm picture of neighbourliness facilitated by ground-up initiatives. The adaptable nature of these spaces will allow it to meet various needs of the community as required. Building clusters will also be positioned such that residents with similar interests can have plenty of opportunities to interact with one another.  

Perfect blend of live-work-play 

The revamped Paya Lebar Air Base echoes the recent line of redevelopment projects such as the Great Southern Waterfront, which sees developers bringing aspects of work, recreation and living closer together for greater convenience and intercommunity interaction. 

Developer flexibility with the removal of height restrictions also means that a more organic mix of low, mid and high-rise buildings can be expected, creating a town that is functional and yet filled with character. 

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Header Image: URA

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