5 Leisure Places to Check Out in Bukit Panjang



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Do you know that Bukit Panjang is where the very first light-rail train (LRT) was built?

With plenty of LRTs scattered across the island, we’re hard-pressed to imagine that the LRT was once a rare sight, built to connect a town every few hundred meters to Bukit Panjang MRT.

Today, the area surrounding the MRT station boasts a number of different shopping malls that can rival even the most mature housing estates.

To find out what this thriving town has to offer, we’ve compiled the best spots for your next jaunt in the North-West!

1. For Millennials: Hillion


The shiniest, newest mall on the block, Hillion is the most recent addition to the Bukit Panjang mall scene that’s home to a slew of dining and shopping options. With everything from McDonald’s, Pezzo, Pasta Mania to healthier offerings like Stuff’d, QQRice, and Swiss Bake, the varied culinary options are perfect for your post-work dinner plans.

2. For Foodies: Greenridge Mall

A true diamond in the rough, Greenridge Mall is your under-the-radar food haven. While it may look like your standard neighboorhood food place, inside there’s quite a wide array of food options to choose from.

Food courts, Subway, Pizza Hut, and LiHO are just some of the outlets you can check out. If you’re looking to get your grocery run in as well, stop by the Giant supermarket conveniently available there.

3. For Outdoor Lovers: Zhenghua Nature Park


Malls aren’t the only places to visit in this town. Tucked behind Bukit Panjang Plaza hides a little oasis where residents can take a picturesque stroll, do some light jogging or cycling and generally decompress after a hard day’s work in the hustle and bustle of the city. If you find yourself in Bukit Panjang with a case of mall fatigue, head here for your dose of tranquillity.

4. For Families with Kids: Junction10

It’s not just a mall to shop for groceries and to drop off the little ones for their tuition classes. Though the local Sheng Siong supermarket is undoubtedly popular and the selection of tuition centres quite extensive, you and your squad of friends can also enjoy an affordable karaoke sesh for a steal at just $18 for 3 hours. End the night on a high note by digging into sizzling Korean BBQ fare at Ssikkek Korean Restaurant.

5. For Bookworms: Bukit Panjang Plaza

Can’t put together a list of places in Bukit Panjang without including its namesake mall, could we? Home to the Bukit Panjang Public Library and conveniently located adjacent to the Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub, you can spend a relaxing afternoon there over an ice-cold frappucino while flipping through a good book.

One thing’s for sure, the one thing these malls have in common is its lack of a cinema. Fret not, where the town lacks in terms of entertainment options, there is no lack of retail and food establishments to keep drawing in crowds for years and years to come.

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