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5 Creative Front Door Designs For a Great First Impression of Your Home


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When it comes to our home sweet home, do first impressions last? The typical HDB front door and gate combo can get a tad unoriginal, with the majority opting for the no-frills wrought iron gate and neutral coloured door that doesn’t call much attention to itself. Here’s how you can break out of snoozeville and breathe life into your abode with your personal style.

How to make a great first impression of your beloved home?

1. Install a snazzy gate

A front door and gate is perhaps the most distinctive way to make your home stand out from the crowd. Swap out the tried-and-true wrought iron gate for something that’s more modern and unique. Hey, even new BTOs are getting the same treatment. Gate designs now come in all sorts of themes, styles and colours – it’s just a matter of choosing which design best suits your taste.

2. Get a grass carpet

One should usually avoid making blanket statements but it’s safe to say that all Singaporean households have a mandatory shoes-off rule. Instead of taking off your shoes outside and hoping you can make it indoors without dirtying your bare feet, simply place a grass carpet to shield your feet from the corridor floor. It’s both comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and it adds a nice dose of greenery to simulate a micro-version of a front lawn.

3. Swap out the flyer box for a mailbox

We’ve all seen those flyer boxes before. They get the job done of collecting flyers and other paper materials so they don’t accumulate at the hinges of our gates (many HDB homeowners can attest to this vaguely annoying problem). Take a page out of the creative homeowners’ handbook by replacing it with a mailbox that’s both functional and pleasing to the eye. Zero mess, with a touch of you.

4. Paste some quirky wall decals

Who says walls need to be plain and devoid of bright paint? Add a zest of life to your front door by adding decorative stickers to your adjoining wall! It’s an inexpensive yet effortless way of personalising your space with your unique sense of style. From minimalist chic geometric shapes to bright and bold designs that scream colour, you won’t be hard pressed to find a design that speaks to you. Top it off with a vibrant coloured door if you’re feeling adventurous.

5. Make your welcome mat a statement piece


Creative welcome mats are the way to go if you’re looking to inject some tongue-in-cheek humour at your front door. They are available anywhere and everywhere on the top online marketplaces. But you can level up even further through custom made door mats that print your very own design and words you wish to grace upon your visitors before they enter your abode. Time to brainstorm!

The list of style tips don’t just stop here – the possibilities are limitless. Bitten by the home decor bug? Why stop at your front door? If you wish to get your walls painted professionally, we provide Home Painting Services. Explore how you can elevate your home’s interior design by checking out our Home Painting Services that guarantees quality home furnishings with great savings.

Source: Houzz

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