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Why Professional Aircon Maintenance Is a Must for Homeowners


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Written by: Henny Maherah

In tropical Singapore, heat and humidity can be brutal. That’s why 75% of Singapore households use air conditioning units, making leakages one of the most common household maintenance problems homeowners face.

What is the top cause of air conditioning leakage?

The main reason for a leak is clogged drain pipes. Heavy use of air conditioning leads to accumulation of debris, dust, and mould within the unit’s drain pipe, creating a blockage. This blockage causes the water to emerge through alternative openings in the aircon unit, resulting in the dreaded leaks we are all familiar with.


What’s the solution? Quarterly professional aircon maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures that:

  • Your air conditioning unit cools your house efficiently
  • You have lower utility bills, as a dirty air conditioning unit can consume up to 15% more electricity
  • Your air conditioning unit lasts longer so you don’t need to buy a replacement as often

How much does air conditioning maintenance cost?

You’ll be surprised that if you conduct air conditioning maintenance on a regular basis, the per unit cost of cleaning goes as low as $18.90 (before GST) here at Ohmyhome. To get even bigger savings, sign up for a Quarterly Plan on a contract basis.

If your unit has not been cleaned for over 6 months, you may want to consider a deeper clean, known as a chemical wash. The fee for a chemical wash starts at $71.50 (before GST). While this may seem like a larger expense, bear in mind that you will spend more on higher utility bills as a result of overaccumulation of debris and mould. Not only that, a complete overhaul of the aircon unit will cost you much more.

Number of Aircon UnitsNormal Servicing fromChemical Wash from

*Prices exclude GST

What is included in Ohmyhome’s professional air conditioning maintenance?

  • Cleaning and checking
    • air filter, front panel, and cover
    • indoor evaporator coil
    • indoor drainage tray
    • fan bearing and lubrication (if necessary)
    • compressor suction and discharge pressure
    • aircon refrigerant / gas top-up (chargeable, if necessary)
  • Deodorising and purifying filter
  • Vacuuming of drainage system
  • Tightening of electrical contacts

Why choose Ohmyhome?

Because we care about your home! From research to transactions to home moving, renovation and maintenance, we take pride in delivering excellent service. That is why our customers love us! Enjoy comprehensive maintenance and cleaning when you hire Ohmyhome’s experienced air conditioning technicians. Our reliable and professional servicers are available to tend to your air conditioning needs round the clock.

Sweltering days are no longer a worry as you kick back and relax in a cool and refreshing home.

Looking for air conditioning maintenance and cleaning services? Our technicians are COVIDSafe and still hard at work.

Call 6886 9009 or book the service now!

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