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The Best Kept Secret – Why Ohmyhome Is the Smarter Way to Sell Your Property

Maelyn Lagman

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The world is your oyster with the Internet. Anything you want to do, you pretty much can. You can just as easily find tutorials on how to repair your broken PS5 controller as you can sell your home online. No property agents needed.

But here’s the thing, selling a home is not that easy. It’s quite a complicated process. We listed down all the steps here for you to DIY in case it’s the route you really want to follow, but selling a HDB, for example, is a 14-step process that’s making even our heads spin. If you’re busy at work and with your family, you may not have time to spare to really study the steps, let alone enact them on your own. 

That and, finding a buyer who has the budget to buy your home is not that easy, especially when the market is hot and you’re looking to sell your home above valuation.

So yes, though you can technically handle your own property transaction on your own, having a property agent on your side takes a lot of the pressure off. And if they’re an Ohmyhome Super Agent, they can do so much more. Here’s what we mean. 

When you get a property agent from Ohmyhome, you get one of the best in the industry

When dealing with one of the biggest, most personal assets in your life — your home — it would be in your best interest to choose the more experienced property agent to represent you in your transactions. You’d want to choose an agent who’s found much success in selling homes, as you would want him/her to sell your home successfully too. 

At Ohmyhome, all our property agents have more than 4 years of experience, with an average of 60-70 transactions per year. That’s a huge multiple more than the industry average, which is only about 3-4 transactions an agent per year. 

A property agent from Ohmyhome also:

  • Specialises in selling homes in your area. If you live in, say, Punggol, you can be confident that we’ll have an agent who’s highly experienced in selling HDBs in that area. (This is how you can check their transaction record on CEA.) We’ll also assign you that agent so he/she would know how to market your home in a way that appeals to that area and get you the optimal price for it.
  • Offers various marketing strategies that go beyond the distribution of flyers, digital ads, and property listings. Good real estate agents understand how to work lighting, furniture and photography to generate aesthetically pleasing home stagings that draw in eyeballs and clicks.
  • Taps onto their professional network of contacts built up over the course of their career to ensure that your home listing gets the maximum amount of exposure that’s possible.
  • Actively represents you in any dealings with potential property buyers, from coordinating and scheduling home visits to negotiating on your behalf.
  • Filters out quality leads to ensure that you only spend your time with serious buyers. As professionals, they will be able to process a higher volume of inquiries. and analyse your home and upsell specific components to ensure that you get a favourable price for your sale.

You can also switch to another Ohmyhome property agent, no questions asked

While other agencies may require you to stick to a property agent until your transaction is completed, we understand that selling your home is a big, personal decision. 

Therefore, we provide you with the flexibility to switch with any of our property agents until you find one that you can personally vibe with and feel comfortable entrusting your home transaction to. 

We want not only the top agent for you, but the right one.

Ohmyhome’s property agent fees are only 1% + GST

We also offer the lowest agent fee in the market, at only 1% of the property sale price, much lower than the usual 2-3%, sometimes even 4% for luxury properties. The fee is also fixed, meaning we won’t ask for a higher fee if the property is harder to sell.

And while some agents may ask for an upfront fee or deposit before successfully selling your home, at Ohmyhome, we will only collect agent fees until after the Completion Appointment. 

Of course, this is also assuming that the home was sold within a 3-month exclusive period. (This is when you can’t engage other property agents to market your home.) 

If we don’t sell your home within those 3 months, you won’t have to pay us a single cent. 

And you get the support of the whole company

We don’t scrimp on the support we give you either. That’s why you’ll also get access to a whole team of professionals from Ohmyhome.

Aside from your property agent, you’ll also get 5 Relationship Managers, 11 Marketers, 24 Tech & Web Experts to help sell your home. 

Our Relationship Managers are always ready to answer any of your questions and will respond in less than a minute. You can reach them anytime from 9 am to 9 pm every day.

Guaranteed paid marketing for your listing

Meanwhile, our marketing gurus are tasked with advertising your home listing on the Ohmyhome property portal and mobile app, which is used by over 175,000 users each month, and on other portals such as PropertyGuru and 99.co. 

Your listing will be boosted daily to boost its exposure and get you numerous genuine inquiries from serious buyers, thereby increasing demand and driving up the sale price of your property. 

Free home valuation report that’s more accurate than the rest of the industry

And of course, our tech and web experts will also be all hands on deck to help you understand the value of your home and provide you with market insights. 

Upon meeting your Ohmyhome Super Agent, you will receive a property market report with your home valuation. Though you can also find out what it is prior to the meeting right here

With our advanced prediction model, our home valuation estimate’s median error is as low as 3% — one of the highest accuracy estimates in the industry. We use trusted private and public sources, and continuously train our e-Valuation technology so that it always reflects the latest price trends in the market. Keeping you and your home valuation updated.

In the report, you’ll also see the past transactions and price trends in your area so you can have a better idea of how to price your home appropriately.

All-in-one property services: from cleaning to renovation

Not only that, you’ll also get a whole gamut of property-related services you might need in your journey to sell your home. If you need to renovate your new home after we’ve helped you sell your current place, you can also engage us for that. We’ve got Interior Designers, Project Managers, and top-notch contractors that follow a high standard for quality work. So you can trust that we’ll meet your timeline, your budget, and your expectations for your dream home.

We can also take care of your mortgage and legal conveyancing, as well as your aircon servicing, cleaning, and even home contents insurance, which will protect your personal belongings in the event of a fire or other unexpected perils. Find out what our insurance covers and how you can sign up to get your own home contents insurance plan here.

To find out what you can expect from our property agents from your first meeting up to the completion appointment, you can check these out:

Get advice and hire a professional property agent from Ohmyhome!

We have tried, tested, and trusted agents to help you out. Even if it’s for a chat to understand what your possible options are, contact us for a free consultation via any of the contact options below or by filling in your contact details below. 8,000 families only have good things to say regarding the knowledge, experience, and professionalism of our licensed agents, and we’re sure you’ll have the same positive and satisfying experience. 

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