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Understandably, the workplace and the home may not belong in the same community. Business districts often house a number of corporate offices while industrial parks host manufacturing centers. For many employees who already have a home somewhere else, long commutes are a way of life five days a week.

Metro Manila lists its primary business hubs as Ortigas, Makati, and Bonifacio Global City. Getting to these districts requires significant commute time for many workers. Many hail from either the south (South Metro Manila and Laguna areas) or the north (Quezon City, CAMANAVA, and Bulacan). It didn’t help that many Filipino workers take public transportation to and from work or do not own private vehicles. 

Commuting in Metro Manila

According to Numbeo, the average distance Metro Manila commuters travel daily going to or from work is 11,6 kilometers. To arrive at their destination, commuters spend an average of 53.64 minutes. In another survey, Statista reported that 55% of daily commuters spend 15 to 59 minutes traveling to their place of work. Another 10% reported that they endure daily commute times of between an hour to 119 minutes. 

Office Topics reported that the globally accepted standard for acceptable daily commute times is between 30 to 60 minutes a day (one way). Any daily work travel that exceeds these averages may have long-term, detrimental effects on workers. 

This begs the question: Is there anything good that can come out of commuting to work, especially long ones? Like we mentioned earlier, not everybody can afford to live in the metro right next to their offices. 

The Pros and Cons of Long Commutes

Do people prefer commuting to living near their place of work? That depends on where the workplace exactly is. Here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of long commutes.  

Pro: You Maintain Your Present Standard of Living 

Districts like BGC and Makati command much higher prices per square meter and more expensive monthly rental rates. Also, living in the business districts means you’ll need to adjust your standard of living to a more expensive lifestyle, as everything is a bit more expensive in Makati and BGC. In other words, savings will often take a backseat to convenience.

Commuting allows you to stay within your established residence. It also helps you avoid the need to adjust to a different, more expensive standard of living. 

Pro: More Travel Time, More Time For Reflection

Whether driving your own car or taking public transportation, commuting allows you to spend some time by yourself and compose your thoughts for the day. This gives you the opportunity to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead. At the same time, long commutes give you time to set your mood through your choice of music or podcast or even a daily dose of the news. For many workers, this “me time” might be the only time available for yourself during the workday, 

Pro: Your Residential Choice isn’t Tied Up To Your Current Workplace

Considering the flighty nature of employment, especially among the white-collar workforce, establishing roots near your current workplace is a gamble. This decision assumes that you plan on spending your entire career working for this single company. Once you and this company part ways, having a permanent residence there suddenly becomes unnecessary and counterproductive. 

Con: Fuel and Transportation Costs Are Getting More Expensive

Transportation costs in Metro Manila increased by 15% between 2020 and 2021, mainly due to the rising costs of oil and fuel products. Commuters are now suddenly getting hit with an additional burden even as they already suffer from traffic jams. Commuters living in the suburbs such as Bulacan, Cavite, and Laguna may find themselves most disadvantaged as they endure the longest and most expensive daily trips.

Those with their own vehicles might be groaning with the rise in fuel prices over the past few months. With the cost of fuel doubled, they’ll need to pay more for their daily trips even if they have yet to receive any adjustments in pay.    

Con: You Lose Hours of Your Daily Life

The longer hours you spend on the road, the less time you have for other things. This is especially true for those enduring 1-hour or more daily commutes. This means less time spent at home with the family. Less time spent on a leisurely breakfast or an enjoyable dinner. This does not include days when weather or traffic problems push the commute times to double or triple the usual time. In these cases, you’ll arrive at work extra annoyed. Upon arriving home, you’ll also likely feel more tired and will have no time for anything else other than a quick dinner, a shower, and then straight to bed. 

Should You Continue With Long Commutes, or Should You Plan Living Near the Workplace?

When deciding between commuting to work or living within the area, your long-term plans should factor in. Renting a place might provide you with a temporary option that allows you to return to your hometown once you part ways with your employer. 

As long as commuting takes up a reasonable amount of time from your daily life, you can probably bear the inconvenience. After all, taking up residence in a business district means additional expenses, which can cost more than your travel expenses in the long run. However, if you prefer saving time over money, then maybe getting a place nearby might work out better. Being minutes away from the office means less hectic travel times. In addition, you don’t feel compelled to rush to and from work if only just to beat the rush. 

Let Ohmyhome Help You Solve Your Long Commutes

Whether looking for a comfortable residence far from the madding workplace or searching for that perfect space that allows you proximity to your workplace, let Ohmyhome help you find the home of your dreams. Buying or renting within your budget should be no problem with the help of Ohmhome’s team of professionals. 

Find out the best places and the best deals by visiting us at Ohmyhome Philippines. You’ll get access to the latest news, trends, available properties, and prices in the country today. Or, follow us on our Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube accounts. You can also download the Ohmyhome mobile app for iOS and Android for even easier access. 

Learn about this and more by joining us at our first-ever Ohmyhome Virtual Property Roadshow on September 27, 7PM, and discover everything about property investments. Let us help you save up for your dream smart home and secure your future. 

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