Building a Robust Product Through Generation-gap Defying Teamwork

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Building a Robust Product Through Generation-gap Defying Teamwork


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Written by: Marissa Saini

The Ohmyhome tech team is not only skill-diverse – with a plethora of expertise ranging from Quality Analysis (QA), backend engineering, data, web, and app-building – it is also an age-diverse team!

Breaking away from startup stereotypes that favour youth over experience, Ohmyhome embraces both the young and the young at heart to work together and bring their different life experiences and skills to the table.

In the spotlight is David Tan, an energetic product manager with over 40 years’ experience in aerospace, project management, software development and most recently, condo management. If you were to catch him in a particularly eventful meeting or sharing session, you can often hear his boisterous laughter from a mile away. The best part? David is 60 years old, with a go-getter attitude that could rival his peers.

As a product manager, he works closely with Wyann Rosales, 32, our passionate User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) designer who has been with the company since Ohmyhome’s inception! He is based in Ohmyhome’s Manila office and leads the UI/UX team.


A man of many talents, Wyann designed the Ohmyhome beta website and the latest version of the Ohmyhome app. With a knack for experimenting, you’ll hardly catch Wyann stuck in a rut. He is always excited to try out new tools to improve the team’s workflow.

Despite their drastically different professional backgrounds, Wyann says that David’s vast experience is crucial for the product’s success. “When we embarked on this project, it was clear that our team had limitations. David’s deep product expertise was instrumental in building a product we can be proud of. He was able to bridge the knowledge gap and take charge of the product’s development.”

Together, they are unstoppable.

Why is a multi-generational work culture important?

As our population ages, the number of mature workers in our workforce will continue to rise. According to this news report, there are four generations of Singaporeans currently working and contributing to the workforce. Fostering an age-diverse culture where everyone is encouraged to do their best is key in growing a healthy and sustainable economy.

Considering the thirty-year age gap between the two – that adds up to roughly one generation apart – David and Wyann are a well-oiled machine, a feat that can only be achieved through mutual respect, open-minded discussions coupled with a tireless drive to understand each other.

How does David fit in with the rest of the tech team?


Being the wisest and most experienced guy in the room, David confidently takes it all in stride, saying, “I find it rejuvenating to work with young people who are the age of my children. It is my passion to contribute to the development of Singapore, by mentoring the next generation.”

Unsurprisingly, Wyann only had good things to say about David’s inspiring work ethic. “He is a wonderful reminder that ageing does not take away one’s drive to excel. With passion and enthusiasm, you will always be excited to roll up your sleeves and get the job done.”

Tell us more about your generation-gap defying teamwork. How do you work together?

Remembering the early days of their working relationship, Wyann said, “With tons of discussions on wireframing, it was challenging at the beginning. We needed to find the perfect balance between good user experience and product requirements. And we have found the middle ground – it’s about valuing each others’ input.”

“Wyann’s creativity drives product design. Innovation takes place when experience and expertise align with product requirements,” David added.

The end result? A comprehensive product with intuitive and meticulous features, painstakingly mapped out to meet the needs of the end-user. Not only that, the user-friendly interface, colours, and elements are cohesive to bring the whole product to life.

Truly, David and Wyann’s successful collaboration just goes to show that teamwork has no age limit!

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