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Day in the Life of a Quality Assurance Lead


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One of the most mysterious roles in a tech company is that of the Quality Assurance (QA) team. Mainly because they are not at the forefront of the pipeline, nor are they at the end – they are the unsung heroes in-between.

Enjoy the rollercoaster ride that is a day in the life of Ohmyhome’s very own QA lead. If there is one person in our fast-growing proptech startup that is meticulous in planning, testing and determining whether our product meets the specified requirements, that’s none other than Clarisse Reynoso.

7 am: Daily Check-in

Multi-platform checking is like Clarisse’s cup of strong coffee in the morning. Clearing her emails, responding to mentions in Slack Channels, tasks in Trello and attending to JIRA tickets are what she does to kick-start the day.

She then proceeds to discuss with the rest of the QA team on testing plans and progress, then with the tech team on the status of defect fixes and clarifying the requirements for new features to be developed.

Clarisse’s role is consequential because it drives the improvement of work processes and efficiency, and it enables the company to better compete in the market, hence, increasing the users’ confidence in our product.

8 am: Sanity Test

You might wonder what does the QA team assess for. Similar to how a racer would routinely check his car engine before a race, Clarisse conducts a sanity test for all our platforms to ensure optimal performance. The results from the test informs her decision on whether it is possible and reasonable to proceed with further testing.

It takes sizeable determination and confidence to halt the launch of a certain feature or update by telling the engineering team that “No, this doesn’t work” or “This requires further testing” or “This has multiple defects” or “This is too flawed to merit any rigorous testing”.


9:20 am: Stand Up Meeting

This uncomfortable meeting style has been working for Ohmyhome’s tech team for the past two years. Clarisse updates the team on the outcomes of her test scenarios and prompts the team on actions required.

Some teammates may be playful and chatty in some parts of the stand-up meeting, but when Clarisse speaks, everyone listens. One of our workplace inside jokes is that once you get the tech team to listen to you, anyone else would. That’s Clarisse, she can make any person pay attention. She’s the man!

10 am: Deep Work

Clarisse requires considerable hours of deep work for test planning, automation, execution and updating the pipeline on JIRA and Trello. Untold hours are spent in the documentation for Singapore and Malaysia websites, as well as iOS and Android mobile applications.

12 pm: Lunch Break

Clarisse gets to mingle with the rest of the team during this time. Outside of her QA bubble, she goes out of her way to communicate energy and optimism to her teammates.


1 pm: Rigorous Tests, Tests, and More Tests

A seemingly never-ending series of tests commence for Clarisse at this time of the day. She is the epitome of reliability at its finest! Quality won’t be assured without a series of tests and bug fixes.

If there are tasks that you require the tech team to act on immediately, you notify Clarisse to disseminate and it will be done. That’s how prompt she is! She understands the urgency of tasks at hand and has fully grasped the meaning of the phrase ‘time is of the essence’.

Clarisse always finds the path of least resistance to resolve any roadblock that comes her way. She understands that an open and positive relationship with the developers and stakeholders are essential to testing the application correctly. One of the toughest requests she usually gets is: “Hi QA, we want to ship this product by this weekend, are you ready for completion?” Once Clarisse has established the magnitude of the defect, she never draws back from the challenge as it will ultimately result in an inferior software.

No wonder she was the chosen recipient of “The Mountain Award” during Ohmyhome’s 2nd Anniversary because that’s what she is- immovable!

4 pm: Wrap up

Clarisse concludes her day by reviewing the test cases and reconnecting with the developers and product manager. Though most of her waking hours are testing each and every combination both in manual and automation testing, there are a million other test combinations that are yet to be done. But since Clarisse’s work is bound by time, it requires dexterous prioritisation skills to recognize which tests are important over others. If not, she can never ship the product out and Ohmyhome would cease to be the one-stop property solution we know of today.

While it seems that Clarisse’s role is solely comprised of finding errors or defects in the programmers’ work, it’s definitely more than that! A QA lead’s role is the most uncompromising in the tech universe – nothing gets launched without her approval.

Beyond 7 pm: Guarding our Platform

While the rest of the world is asleep, Clarisse is not. She is solution-driven and exceptionally passionate. Outside the office hours, she still fortifies all platforms to ensure they’re running at peak performance. When a problem comes along, she is the first to respond, such as when the website is down, the mobile app is laggy, etc and rallies the rest of the team to act. No fire is too enormous, and she’ll manage to put it out even before the siren sounds.

When asked what motivates her, she said: “Empowering people motivates me the most and every opportunity gives me confidence and ignites my passion. Passion is about never being content with the knowledge that you have and the amount of work that you have done, hence it fuels you to do and learn exceedingly more than before.”

A day in her life is like being in a constant state of safeguarding our platform so that it can best serve our users in their housing journey. She doesn’t need to wear a cape or a metal shield to accomplish this, her dedication and persistence are her superpowers. Being a QA lead is working with grace under pressure!

Are you passionate about creating real value for people and revolutionising the future of the property industry? We want to hear from you. Check out our open positions now!

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