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Day in the Life of a Lead Web Weaver


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Ohmyhome’s web platform is only one among the over 1.5 billion websites on the Internet. To be one of the 200 million active websites and rank in the charts involves hard work and a nifty software engineer who knows his stuff. We will zoom in to a day in the life of our very own web lead, Herzon Garlan, who works relentlessly at the backend to build a cross-browser compatible, functional and user-friendly website that is Ohmyhome!

Expertise comes with great responsibility! Herzon knows this better than anyone else in the team. Fun fact: Herzon was based in Singapore since 2010, he started working for Ohmyhome in 2017, then in 2018 he moved back to the Philippines to set up Ohmyhome Philippines. From one man, they are now 13 and growing.

7:00 am: Techy Breakfast

Weaving the web requires a very strong desire to keep learning and unbroken chains of codes to keep going. Dozens of Trello cards are served to Herzon on a techy platter every morning. It is completed by a dessert of pending deployments, updates, and other small fixes.

7:30 am: Web Team Meeting

Herzon sets this time to catch up with the web team to diagnose any issues and resolve them together. He currently leads a team of four web developers.

8:00 am: Work in Progress Consultation

During the consultation, you will seldom hear Herzon’s voice, he is attentively listening and taking mental notes on how he can contribute and achieve the goals of the team.

Herzon lives and breathes the phrase, “Never say never”. If you ask him whether a certain web feature is doable, he will come back to you with the estimated time and manpower it will take to complete such a project. Giving up is definitely not in his vocabulary.

9:00 am: Sprint Planning

At Ohmyhome, we have adopted an agile product development process that is made up of a sprint- a set period of time during which specific work has to be completed and made ready for testing. The first stage would typically involve a sprint meeting where the web product manager and the development team will agree upon exactly what feature to work on. Herzon determines how much work can realistically be accomplished during the sprint and ready for sanity tests by the Quality Assurance (QA) Team.

9:20 am: Stand-up Meeting

Stand-up meeting tracks daily progress where all attendees must remain standing. This keeps the meeting short, the whole team engaged and being open to changes even at the very end of the development process.

9:40 am: In the Zone

At one glance in the office, if you see a guy at the coldest corner enjoying the AC at full blast like a polar bear with headphones on, quietly enjoying his playlist and making some guitar or drumming motions every once in a while-that’s Herzon. He prefers to work quietly to concentrate on making our website better than it has ever been.

Whenever Herzon encounters roadblocks, he takes a step back to evaluate and reprioritise. Herzon may not have a powerful hammer, yet his strong disposition allows him to break the roadblocks into smaller chunks. No block is too big that Herson cannot overcome.

If other teammates stumble upon any obstruction, Herzon willingly helps them pass through it. It’s no surprise when he was the chosen one for the “Extra Mile Award” during Ohmyhome’s Second Anniversary. It energises him when he sees that a colleague is getting more and more efficient with his/her work because he believes that collaboration and communication are as important as the technology.


11:30 am: Juicy Lunch

Following a techy breakfast, Herzon will enjoy a well-deserved lunch as he catches up on the latest news and reads his emails. Our web lead unmistakably has a knack for learning, he is undaunted in expanding his capabilities if it will bring forth a feat that he can be proud of.

12:30 pm: Master Coding

Aside from being a coding whiz, Herzon also manages change requests and web integrations with the mobile app and server. He feels most challenged when his team is sluggish and requests from other teams accumulate. But he frets not, challenges are like triple shots of espresso that lights a spark in him. Herzon said, “Challenges exhilarates me because it’s an opportunity to exceed my previous best.”

2:30 pm: A Breath of Fresh Air

Herzon takes this time to briefly unwind and check his to-do list. He also reminds the rest of the team for updates and fixes due by the end of the day.


2:45 pm: Deployment Package

After weaving all his codes, for the scheduled changes or new features to be launched on the website, Herzon will stow all the new codes done by the team, push the deployment package into production and let each web team members check on his/her work. He would typically require the QA team at this stage to check for bugs and flaws. He then provides a report to the stakeholders and the rest of the team.

4:00 pm: Continuous Learning

Herzon spends a great deal of time reading! He keeps researching on new things that may improve his work, product or workflow which he will gladly share with the rest of the team. He also takes this time to brainstorm with the team on emerging and unique technologies.

Herzon sees to it that he is aligned with the overall vision of Ohmyhome, his ultimate goal is to build a world-class one-stop property solution. When asked how he plans to achieve that, he said, “A dynamic, passionate and creative team is paramount. What motivates me to rise each morning and work until I have spent all my strength for the day is having to work alongside a fantastic team to accomplish this goal.”

Beyond 7 pm: Family Dinner and Reflection

Herzon loves cooking and playing with his 8-month-old son who he plays with despite the long day at work and two-hour-drive home. Unwinding before bed with a coffee date with his wife is also his favourite time of the day.

On top of being a foodie, he can also belt high notes like Michael Jackson. Whenever there are office gatherings, the one who holds the microphone the longest would surely be him. He can sing all night long!


Others may be fantasising of dreamy nights while Herzon still muses on writing codes. When he fixates on an objective, there’s no stopping him! His can-do attitude inspires us all!

His thought process is akin to bubbling magma that’s ready to explode with infinite ideas to weave a perfect website. He doesn’t need hand-holding because he embodies a growth mindset well-tailored for a fast-growing start-up that’s constantly evolving to serve our users better!

Are you passionate about creating real value for people and revolutionising the future of the property industry? We want to hear from you. Check out our open positions now!

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