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5 Tips on Family Management when Home Moving


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Written by: Benjienen Toledo

Home is about family…

Home moving evokes mixed emotional reactions among family members whether you are moving across the country or just down the street. Make this time a good family bonding. We have compiled home moving tips and a list of things you need to consider as you prepare for and make your way through this wonderful transition.

1. Find the Right Time to Announce the Relocation

Uprooting your family can cause stress before, during, and after the move. It is tough on the adults who will take care of mostly everything, but it can be tougher on your children, or even the elders in your family who will be forced to adjust to a new environment. Therefore, it is incredibly important to discuss this major transition with your family at least six months before the actual move.
Spend some time to air your own feelings about the move so you can set an open and positive tone. Gather the whole family for a discussion over dinner, picnic at the park or kite flying on a Saturday morning. Make the move known, talk about the upcoming changes and how moving will affect each individual.

2. Overcome Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt Together

It is inevitable that members of your family will feel anxious and uncertain about the home moving process. Your children may fear how the new neighbourhood looks, worry about starting at a different school and making new friends, and whether they would still be able to see their friends after the move. Whereas, the seniors may be concerned about the availability of facilities they were used to, the accessibility of places they frequent, the shift of their daily routines, and leaving the community that gives them sense of involvement and productivity.

Family conversations help overcome fears by providing the members with assurance and ample information to their common questions:

  • When will we move?
  • Where will we move?
  • What can we expect in the new place?
  • Do we have to transfer to a new school?
  • What will happen to our current home?
  • Most importantly, why do we need to move to a new home?

Ohmyhome Constructive Family Conversation When Home Moving

3. Be a Good Listener

Active listening makes family conversations satisfactory and resolves conflicting reasons among family members.
Show interest in what other members of your family should say. Assure them that you’re listening, understanding, and engaging with them throughout the conversation.

Here are a few phrases you may use to explore the feelings of your family members and opening the lines of communication:

  • How do you feel about moving to a new home?
  • What is bothering you about moving?
  • You can tell me your doubts, I am listening.

Brainstorm with everyone the advantages and disadvantages, and together come up with a conclusion on how the move will benefit the family. Through this exercise, you will see different perspectives and be more confident with the decision that you will come up with. Once the plan materializes, it gives you satisfaction because the people dear to you have contributed and are happy with it.

4. Organise a Positive Introduction to your New Home

Before the actual move, take your family to visit your new home, their new school, the neighbourhood playground and supermarket, and other places they will come to know.
Arrange for a family meal at a nearby restaurant or food court. Introduce them to another family in the area and let the children play together. By setting a welcoming environment, this helps balance their feelings about relocation and become more accepting towards these changes.

5. Make the Move a Family Project

Let’s do it together!

Ensure that everyone is on the same page and make home moving a family project. When everyone takes part in this process, they feel a sense of ownership towards the move. Recognising that each person has his or her own role to play in this milestone is fulfilling, it gives the sense of belongingness and satisfies the self-esteem needs.

Family with Young Children

Assign kids with a small yet durable storage box each. They are free to decorate their boxes any way they love to and choose what goes into their boxes. During the actual move, let your children take charge of their personalised boxes and carry them out of the old house and into the new one.

Family with Teens or Early Adults

A more mature family member may be tasked to update the billing address of the family with government agencies, online services, memberships and subscriptions, insurance companies, utilities and home services, banks, etc.

Family with Older Adults

Involve seniors in setting up their own rooms and make the new rooms resemble their old ones. Let them have the opportunity to voice their concerns and pay attention to even the smallest details. Most importantly, safeguard their personal possessions and help to maintain their daily routine as much as possible.

Overcoming the home moving challenges as a family strengthens the bond of couples, improve relationships between parents and children, and draws siblings closer to each other.

We hope that these 5 tips are useful in your journey as a family. Afterall, home is not a place, it’s a feeling!

Ohmyhome is here to help with our Fixed Rate Agent Services if you need assistance in selling your HDB flat.

Call us at 6886 9009 to secure an appointment today.

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