How to be a 5-Star Tenant in Singapore



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Ever have friends that seem to be hopping between rental homes frequently?

Finding a home may be easy with online platforms like Ohmyhome but being a good tenant takes effort.

People in this little red dot are considerably more tolerant than many elsewheres. However, as a local or foreign tenant, you need to remember that not all Singaporean landlords will accept inappropriate conduct in their rental properties.

So, my fellow tenants! Here are five qualities you need to keep in mind when renting a home. Follow these few tips and your landlord will be more than happy to renew your tenancy agreement after your first six months of renting a home in Singapore.

1. Keep Clean and be Organized

As a tenant, you can choose to live as you please. However, it is important to keep the place clean and in good condition. This way when the landlord randomly checks on his property, he knows that someone is taking care of the home he has worked hard for. So, remember to treat your home rental the way you would take care of your own.

2. Be Considerate

Don’t be a nuisance in the block and always be considerate to your neighbours. You may be tempted to defy the law but remember that Singapore has a strict regulation and your landlord is still responsible in ensuring that you as his tenants abide by the rules and policies during your rental period.

3. Pay Your Rent On Time

Remember to stick to the terms of your contract! If there are dues to be settled by the first of the month, make sure you pay it on time, do not wait for the landlord to chase you. At the beginning of your negotiation with the landlord, set your preferred due date to be aligned to your payday. Do not agree to paying your rental on the 28th of each month if you know that your payday is on the 30th.


4. Keep Up with Tenant Maintenance

As a tenant renting a home, it is your responsibility to take care of the flat, that includes maintaining it. However, do be reminded that some major household repairs can be claimed from the landlord. When you do so, please be truthful about your claim as to not add extra burden to your landlord.

5. Be Respectful

You have to respect others before others respect you. Throw your rubbish at the right place, observe quiet hours, and stick to your tenancy agreement. Home rental procedures may be more lenient in your home country and in other parts of the world, but when renting in Singapore, let your tenancy agreement serve as a guide in your home rental process.

May you score a perfect 5 and enjoy renting a home in Singapore. Make it your home away from home.


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