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Introducing Ohmyhome ShoutOut – Home Searching Made Simple


Updated: 4 April 2018

Say goodbye to the traditional home searching

Trouble finding a new place to buy or rent?

Good news! Help is on the way! Let Ohmyhome relieve your home searching misery with features so new you have never seen them on any other real estate app. Ever.

Available exclusively on Ohmyhome app.

Matchmaking Owners to Buyers & Tenants

ShoutOut reverses the home searching behaviour. Buyers and tenants are now able to post their requirements in the app. Homeowners, it’s time for you to find your buyers and tenants directly!

Buyers and tenants are now able to post their requirements on the app.

What’s ShoutOut?

ShoutOut is Ohmyhome’s latest in-app matching feature that helps home sellers and landlords discover what buyers and tenants are looking for, allowing them to reach out instantly.

Shoutout allows home sellers and landlords discover what buyers and tenants are looking for…

How does ShoutOut benefit buyers and tenants?

Save Time on Searching for Properties

Despite the growing vacancy rates in Singapore’s home rental market today, finding a new place is difficult, especially if you are a foreigner. In fact, many of you are undergoing through emotional distress juggling between working in the days and flipping through thousands of property rental listings to find your ideal home rental at night.

Home buyers also have it hard, taking several weeks to finally settle down on their perfect home. For the pickier ones, the shopping period alone can last months on end.
Forget about searching for properties, let them come to you!

Take Charge of Your Home Search

Functioning as a two-sided marketplace platform, ShoutOut gives the tenants and buyers their own space to list their home requirements which landlords and sellers can filter. ShoutOut allows you to create up to 5 shoutouts – list your home requirements and invite sellers and landlords that fit the bill to connect directly. Each shoutout expires automatically four weeks after posting and can be extended simply by clicking on the “Repost” button.

Sellers and landlords, you are not forgotten. Here’s what is in store for you!

Promote Your Own Property Listing at Zero Cost

Sick and tired of waiting for the right buyers and tenants to knock on your door but to no avail? It’s time you forget about the conventional purchasing method by which only buyers can look for sellers! ShoutOut welcomes you to seek and engage with potential buyers and tenants personally.
You can now view shoutouts posted by buyers and tenants, sort them by price and date posted, as well as filter these requests based on specific requirements. As ShoutOut is limited to a two-week validity period, this ensures that you are looking at the most up-to-date listings. Once you have shortlisted your prospects, you can connect with them by “suggesting your listing”. In other words, homeowners are free to find their way to the home searchers. How seamless is that!

As a Proptech company, Ohmyhome is dedicated to creating simpler property transactions for our users. Welcome aboard buyers and tenants, enjoy shouting out to our sellers and landlords!

Download Ohmyhome now and post your first ShoutOut today!

If DIY property transaction does not suit your lifestyle, you may engage Ohmyhome Agent Service at a fixed rate.

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