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5 Things to Do During Home Rental Inspection for Landlords


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Found your new tenant? Congratulations! After completing 11 out of 12 steps in renting out your flat, it’s time for handover!

Prepare your pen and paper when doing a property inspection, this is a must-do to complete the inventory list. You do not want to make several trips in the next four weeks during the problem-free period just to fix the defects that your tenants will spot.

1. AC Power plugs, sockets and light bulbs

Turn on all the lights and test all power plugs to ensure everything is working. This may seem simple yet minor work like a single light and bulb replacement can cost from $10 to $30, subject to the category and nature of light.


2. Appliances

Ensure that the washing machine and fridge are working well, as they are the two most used appliances in a house. Leaks from the washing machine are common, check that the filter is working too.

For refrigerator, a defective motor is a leading reason for repairs. Leave it on for 30 minutes and check if it’s cooling and freezing properly. If not, the compressor might be defective. Fridge repair cost starts from $90, this doesn’t include replacement of parts. If it’s under warranty, the cost may be lower.

3. Aircon

Ensure that the previous tenant has scheduled the routine 3-month cleaning schedule before handover, this will ensure that your air conditioning units are at optimal functionality. Frequent maintenance of your air conditioning will save you some bucks from chemical washing or changing of units which can cost $100.

Recent news revealed that Singapore is heating up twice as fast as the rest of the world. This spells trouble for our little red dot because the humidity is high here all year round. Hence, your new tenant will definitely ask for proof of your aircon maintenance. The move-in date might be delayed if your aircon is not cooling well.

4. Pipes and Drains

Kitchen and bathroom sinks are often overlooked during handover inspections. These areas do the dirty work around your home. Clogging causes flooding and further problems such as wet wood and rotting.

Do the preventive works before your new tenants move in, drain de-cloggers are available from $7.

5. Door Locks

This may seem like a no brainer, yet it happens. Don’t wait before it’s too late for you to find out that not all your doorknobs have keys, or worse, that the locks at your main gate is defective.

Who wants to move into a house without a lock? Key duplication starts from $30. But if the previous tenant has lost all the keys and you can’t recover it, it’s better to buy knob replacements from $10.

Now you’re all prepared for your inventory list. May you have a smooth handover process! Need professional handyman works for your home? Call 6886 9009 to learn more now!

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Join our Telegram channel and follow our Facebook page for the latest property updates.

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