5 Benefits of Engaging a Mortgage Specialist

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5 Benefits of Engaging a Mortgage Specialist


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Is the search for the right mortgage package stressing you out? With bank jargon and numbers that may seem confusing at times, the plight of the home buyer is very much a universal one. But it shouldn’t be hard – thanks to our in-house mortgage broker. Here to help you with any home finance-related question you may have, let’s explore the many benefits of engaging the free services of our mortgage specialist!

1. Get rates at a glance

Google ‘Singapore mortgage loan package’ and you get pages after pages of search results. We are all too familiar with the time-consuming pain that is sifting through information overload. But those days are long gone! Leave the legwork that is approaching the different banks to our mortgage specialist who’ll provide unbiased advice on the best rates to suit your needs. Think of all that extra free time!

2. Enjoy better rates

Secure a better loan rate than you normally would from a normal bank walk-in! Yes, this is possible as our mortgage specialist may – at times – receive a volume discount from banks, and pass on those savings to you. Of course, this is subject to a case-by-case basis. Perks, keep them coming!

3. Personalised service

What sets our mortgage specialist apart from the others? For starters, our mortgage specialist doesn’t just offer rates. Engaging mortgage advisory services means you’ll always have an expert to guide you throughout the buying/selling process, review your mortgage rates on a periodic basis and recommend refinancing if it brings you savings.

4. Strong mortgage background

You can always rely on our mortgage specialist to give you quality advice based on years of mortgage experience. This is unlike bank walk-ins where you could never quite guarantee if the relationship managers you’re talking to are well-versed in home loans as they could be more familiar with investment or insurance instead.

5. It’s free

That’s right, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. You won’t need to pay any fees should you engage our mortgage specialist. Think it’s too good to be true? It’s not as far-fetched as you may think! This works as instead of charging you a fee, the mortgage specialist gets a referral fee from banks. Win-win!

Guided with the expert knowledge of our mortgage broker, you’ll never have to stumble in the dark again. Nothing beats a specialist who has a deep knowledge concerning mortgage and with years of experience to boot. Rest assured, his mortgage loan expertise is indeed just a call away.

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