Unexpected High Demand in Woodlands From HDB Buyers – Is Now A Good Time to Sell?

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Unexpected High Demand in Woodlands From HDB Buyers – Is Now A Good Time to Sell?

Maelyn Lagman

An increasing number of people may be moving to — you’ll never guess this — Woodlands. Despite being a town that most people overlook or forget about, it was actually the 2nd most popular town in the 2nd quarter of 2023 based on transaction volume. Preceded by Punggol and followed by Sengkang, Yishun, and Bukit Batok, Woodlands is attracting more buyers and should definitely be a town to watch. 

If you own a flat at Marsiling Greenview, you should pay close attention as it may be a good time for you to enter the market, with more and more buyers considering Woodlands as their next new neighbourhood.

Completed sometime in 2018, Marsiling Greenview will reach its 5-year MOP in 2023. It consists of 389 4-room flats and 432 5-room flats, which can be expected to gain higher demand (as well as prices) for a good combination of having a longer leasehold left and bigger space. (4-5-rooms typically sell higher in the resale market.)

You can check your home valuation with Homer AI and even calculate your potential cash proceeds before you decide to sell your home. 

But Woodlands is not just seeing a higher transaction volume, it is also getting more million-dollar HDB flats since it recorded its first last year. 

A total of 17 HDB flats have been sold for over $1 million since 2022, and just last month, a jumbo flat was sold for $1.15 million. It is now the most expensive HDB flat sold in a non-mature estate. This flat was sold for $220k more than the flat of similar size three floors down at Block 816 Woodlands St 82, which was sold for about $930,000. Previously, jumbo flats hovered around this price range. 

Choosing size over location?

A common factor these million-dollar HDB flats share is, of course, size. They are all jumbo flats of at least 1,894 sq ft, with the biggest flat measured at about 2,067 sq ft. With the rarity of jumbo flats and their considerable size, it is obvious why more buyers are willing to pay a premium. And with private home prices rising, HDB owners looking to move to a condo may choose a bigger flat instead of a smaller condo that’s guaranteed to be pricier. 

However, it’s not just the size that has pushed the prices of these HDB flats in Woodlands to million-dollar status. It is also their location appeal.

What can you expect in Woodlands?

#1: Accessibility and connectivity

Woodlands North MRT on the Thomson-East Coast Line

The recent million-dollar flat’s proximity to amenities also strengthens its appeal to buyers. It is close to the town centre and the Woodlands MRT station, which is 4 stops away (or about 5 minutes) from the Woodlands North MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL). This ensures that Woodlands residents are connected to the rest of the city:

Once all the MRT stations on the TEL are fully operational, commuters will enjoy a 35-minute journey from Woodlands South to Orchard, compared to a 50-minute journey by bus and MRT today.

This will also connect them to the East region, such as Marine Parade and Bedok South, which were previously not accessible by train.

Singapore-Johor Bahru RTS Link

With the cancellation of the Kuala Lumpur – Singapore High Speed Rail (HSR) project in Jurong, Woodlands will become the focal point for land border crossings with the Singapore-Johor Bahru Rapid Transit System (RTS) link. It will significantly enhance the connectivity between Singapore and Malaysia, which could impact the property market in Woodlands. Expected to be completed by end-2026, it will ferry around 288,000 people daily. 

Upon completion, it will only take around 5 minutes to travel from Woodlands North station to Bukit Chagar, Johor. Furthermore, with the passengers having to go through Immigration clearance only once at the point of departure, the RTS project will provide easy, fast and comfortable access to people traveling across the Malaysia-Singapore border. 

North-South Corridor 

The North-South Corridor, which is expected to be completed in 2026, will be Singapore’s longest Transit Priority Corridor, featuring bus lanes, cycling trunk routes and pedestrian paths. When completed, the 21.5km corridor will directly connect the Northern region and the city centre. It will alleviate traffic on the Central Expressway (CTE) and major arterial roads such as Thomson and Marymount Road. Furthermore, with the dedicated and continuous bus lanes, commuters can expect to save around 10 – 15 minutes of their travelling time.

#2: Schools

Those looking to move closer to their kids’ schools can expect plenty of choices of primary and secondary schools, as well as private schools and tertiary institutions. 

Primary schools in Woodlands

One thing to note about primary school registration is that priority is given to children who live within 1km of the school. We talk more about the registration process here.

  • Admiralty Primary School
  • Evergreen Primary School
  • Fuchun Primary School
  • Greenwood Primary School
  • Innova Primary School
  • Marsiling Primary School
  • Qihua Primary School
  • Riverside Primary School
  • Si Ling Primary School
  • Woodgrove Primary School
  • Woodlands Primary School
  • Woodlands Ring Primary School

To make your search simpler and faster, you can input your postal code here and we’ll give you a list of all the primary schools near your area. Here’s an example:

Secondary schools and Junior College in Woodlands

  • Admiralty Secondary School
  • Christ Church Secondary School
  • Evergreen Secondary School
  • Fuchun Secondary School
  • Marsiling Secondary School
  • Riverside Secondary School
  • Spectra Secondary School
  • Woodgrove Secondary School
  • Woodlands Secondary School
  • Woodlands Ring Secondary School
  • Innova Junior College (to merge in 2019)

Other schools in Woodlands

  • Singapore American School
  • Singapore Sports School
  • MINDS – Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore

Tertiary institutes in Woodlands

  • Republic Polytechnic

#3: Leisure and recreation

Recreational facilities can be easily located around the estates and especially in parks. The multi-purpose Woodlands Stadium and Woodlands Swimming Complex are common places for sport-goers.

Causeway Point, one of the largest shopping malls in Singapore, houses 250 shops and restaurants, providing residents in the North a one-stop destination for their food and retail needs. Woodlands Civic Centre is a designated centre of education, public services, and other forms of assistance for residents; it also houses the four-storey Woodlands Regional Library, several banks, Central Provident Fund (CPF) Woodlands Branch and educational institutions.

#4: Future plans for enhanced connectivity and accessibility

Just by looking at the Master Plan 2019 and Concept Plan 2030, there are lots of exciting developments you can look forward to in the near future. There are six new developments slated for the residents in Woodlands.

Woodlands WestThe Woodlands Town Garden situated in Marsiling is set to undergo an upgrade and expansion, transforming into a fresh “Discovery Playground” and rebranded as Marsiling Park. This enhancement will offer residents a novel playground and garden experience, while also providing an opportunity to explore the area’s history through the heritage corner.
Woodlands SouthAn innovative integrated healthcare complex, named the Woodlands Health Campus, will be unveiled in a phased approach, commencing in 2022. This Wellness Hub will encompass a novel acute care hospital, a community hospital, and a facility for long-term care.
Woodlands EastAdjacent to the Admiralty MRT station, inhabitants can now take pleasure in the recently established Community Nexus (Kampung Admiralty), a collection of facilities that serve as a comprehensive hub for convenience and communal engagement. Within this integrated space, a medical center, eldercare services, childcare facilities, and a hawker center, along with various retail establishments, will coexist under one roof. Furthermore, Admiralty Place Mall, the local satellite mall, is currently undergoing refurbishments aimed at enhancing its amenities. Beyond the wet market, the mall is slated to be fully air-conditioned and will house a variety of food and beverage options and educational centers.
Connecting Woodlands East and WestThe existing park connector will receive upgrades in the form of lush greenery and novel community nodes, effectively shaping a social corridor where residents can foster meaningful connections through interactions.
Heart of WoodlandsThis segment encompasses the new regional center and Woodlands North Coast. Referred to as the “northern gem,” the Woodlands regional center is envisioned as an urban focal point that will encompass transportation networks, amenities, and communal spaces, including a town plaza. Furthermore, residents can anticipate the development of notable housing projects along the Woodlands North Coast, designed to serve as an urban frame offering views of the developments in the North.
Connecting Woodlands Central and Woodlands North CoastA picturesque 1.9km route named WoodsVista Gallery will establish a seamless community connection, spanning from Woodlands MRT station to the fresh waterfront area in the north. This pathway will also link to other destinations such as Republic Polytechnic and Admiralty Regional Park.

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