What is Ohmyhome’s MATCH Technology and How Does it Work?

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What is Ohmyhome’s MATCH Technology and How Does it Work?


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Just a “save search” filter, or an algorithmic tool for home buyers to find their perfect home in fewer steps and home sellers to determine demand in their properties even before listing? Ohmyhome explains.

Almost every day now, we see technology improve multiple areas in our lives. From increasing efficiency, reducing human error, or just making things work a little faster, technology is all around us and very much accepted as a good thing.

So, when Ohmyhome saw an opportunity to build and use technology to improve a very traditional and rigid real estate industry that relies heavily on individuals, we put our thinking caps on and worked hard on it.

This effort gave birth to MATCH

But before I explain how MATCH works, let me paint the picture of the typical journey of a buyer looking for their ideal next home looks like:

1)     You create a mental list of where you’d want to stay, the number of rooms you need, and a rough budget in mind based on how much you feel you’re able to afford.

2)     You visit a property listing website and input that list into various filters offered, to narrow down the potential list of properties that are on the market today that fits your criteria.

3)     You open multiple tabs on all the different properties that pass your eye test and verify that the details in the listing are accurate enough and look enticing (you also close the often duplicated ones that have hired multiple agents to sell their home).

4)     You contact the agent that is representing the homeowner and attempt to book a viewing.

5)     You attempt to schedule a viewing based on how fast the agent replies, and whether or not they want to give you the time of day.

6)     And if it isn’t ideal, you rinse and repeat steps 1 to 5 every day just to see if new listings appeared since you last checked.

Quite a tedious process if you ask me. Wouldn’t it be a godsend if this entire journey can be simplified?

Well this is what we did

Instead of manually searching for listings, we send the listings to you.

Plus, we make sure they accurately match the criteria you have. 

And anytime a new listing is recorded in our portal, MATCH already knows who exactly to send the listing to and how many matches will be created, showing home sellers the demand their listing is likely to receive from day 1, without a single dollar spent on advertising.

This cuts the search down to just 3 steps.

  1. We offer you a buyer preference form to fill up or intelligently determine your preference based on another listing you inquired on
  2. We immediately and automatically send you relevant (and verified) listings that perfectly matches your criteria
  3. We help set up viewing appointments for the home you’re interested in

Even if the listing wasn’t perfect (which can happen as you should be choosing your property with much scrutiny), or your offer was declined or a different offer was considered, you wouldn’t have to restart your search.

Your preferences are still kept within our database and our MATCH Engine continues the search on your behalf for other ideal properties.

(We also do not sell or let anyone else have access to this database and you will not be spammed or receive external marketing materials if you participate in MATCH)

What a time and effort saver

So for potential home buyers, the technology makes searching a lot simpler. For our homeowners looking to sell their place, MATCH works differently in your favour.

Right off the bat, as mentioned, we are able to determine the general demand for your property (by how many matches will be automatically sent out) and coupled with the Home Valuation Report, our super agents can pair their expertise with this data and suggest the price you can list your property for and likely close at.

MATCH takes the guesswork out of this entire process, for both the home seller and the agent.

An agent without access to MATCH only relies on their experience, and if your home is out of their comfort zone or in a different neighbourhood to where they typically ply their trade, guesswork is usually all they can rely on.

Moreover, based on where you are in your buying or selling journey, our MATCH Engine will also recommend guides and tips, research, and relevant services to help you with our other home related needs such as legal conveyancing, mortgage, moving, renovation, and more.

So what’s the result?

The result is simple. We sell homes faster than everyone else. In fact, 90% of the homes we sell are sold within 26 days, while the industry average is at 140 days. 

To top it off, our Super Agents increase their efficiency, closing an average of 69 deals every year. Nice. 

That’s a 30x multiple of another industry average.

Last but not least, we complete the golden triangle by not compromising on price (in 2 ways.)

Firstly, you often end up selling your home for more than what it’s worth and secondly, you pay half the price. In fact, we are able to charge half price because our MATCH technology gives us scale. By increasing efficiency and speed, we are able to take on more clients and serve them better. 

What are you waiting for?

If you’re looking to buy a home in 2023 and save plenty of time and effort searching for your ideal home, fill up the MATCH Buyer Preference Form, and if you’re looking to sell your home for a good price, in record time, and pay half the price for it while watching the future unfold before you, contact our team and let’s get your home sold.

Contact us here and we look forward to serving you very soon.

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