Top 4 Popular Renovation Styles for Your Next Home Makeover



Looking forward to transforming your new house into your dream home? Or perhaps you simply want to refresh the look and feel of your current home. While trends come and go, there are some interior design styles that never fade in popularity.

From safe to unconventional, pastel to bold colour palettes, here are the top 4 home renovation styles to get you inspired for your upcoming home makeover.

1. Scandinavian


You may have seen Scandinavian designs in plenty of “inspo” renovation photos before.

The light wooden floors, the serene white walls, lack of knick-knacks and abundant greenery abound. This winning interior design combination never fails to make a home feel like a cool breeze on a perfect summer day.

Fitting for those who embrace a clutter-free space and don’t tend to gravitate to a darker colour palette. This style also requires minimal renovation works, as there is no need for fancy carpentry and decoration items to achieve the Scandinavian look .

2. Whimsical


A growing trend among the more daring, quirky homeowners who aren’t afraid to embrace their childlike flair, is choosing the whimsical style.

This interior design style favours bright colours and bold patterns, even going so far as to put them together to make a bold statement. If you’re not afraid to opt for more unconventional combinations, this style is the one for you.

3. Art deco


If you love the Parkview Square building at Bugis and dream of incorporating its style in your dream home, art deco is definitely the interior design style you should look into.

Easily mistaken as “vintage”, this aesthetic works for those who like opulent furnishings and geometric shapes without veering too whimsical nor too traditional. To achieve that art deco look, pair darker, royal tones with gold or silver accents.

4. Mid-century modern


Named after the period between the mid-1930s to mid-1960s, this no-frills interior design style is perfect for those with an aversion to patterns without sacrificing sleek decor.

No patterns to speak of, this style is made apparent by simple, clean lines and contrasting materials (think leather and suede, wood and steel), mid-century modern is simple to execute and would instantly make your home look straight out of an interior design magazine.

Whether you like to keep it safe or explore the out-of-the-box design options, there are so many interior styles for you to choose from for your home makeover. After all, homes are the centre of most of our lives and you’ll want it to truly reflect your unique, personal style.

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Turning your house into your dream home?

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Turning your house into your dream home?


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