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Our Hearts are Home in Serangoon


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Written by: Benjienen Toledo

Wonder what a heartland is. A heartland in Singapore is a place which tourist wouldn’t usually visit because it’s a neighbourhood where Singaporeans live in. It is situated on the outskirts of the Central Business Districts (CBD) without much entertainment except for a seasonal pop-up Pasar Malam and neighbourhood bars. Heartlands provide a deeper and more authentic look which uncover stories that make Singapore tick.

Although Serangoon is not a heartland, but for a couple who have been in Singapore for seven years, it felt like a heartland within a city. Selwyn is a User Interface Designer while Michelle is a Customer Service Manager, they chose to stay in Serangoon since 2014.

Why Did You Choose Serangoon as your home?

Michelle: Serangoon makes us feel at home because the ambience is so laidback. I love how it feels like a heartland without the saturation.

Selwyn: Every morning, we can still hear the chirping of the birds and enjoy the sight of the trees dancing in the cool breeze. Serangoon is not too near the CBD which is packed with tourists, but it’s also not too far from the city. If we want to go to the mall, we can just take a short walk to the NEX Shopping Mall.

What’s Your Favourite Hang-out Place in Serangoon?

Michelle: We frequent in the Serangoon Gardens. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s not too secluded but there’s privacy. It is such a comfort zone for me!

Selwyn: I think that Chomp Chomp at the Serangoon Gardens is my favourite because of the plentiful choices of good food. I think it’s one of the favourite food centres by locals and foreigners alike.

Selwyn and Michelle works in the CBD, it takes 40-45 minutes to get to their workplaces from Serangoon. They had a choice to move nearer to their work since their Tenancy Agreement ended on 31 March 2018, but they still prefer to stay in Serangoon.

They believe that Serangoon is conducive to raise their future children. And for them, their hearts have found a home in Serangoon.

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Sources: Quora, Gov.sg, The Straits Times

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