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We sell your home at
better prices
record speed
only 1% commission

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How Ohmyhome Challenges Status Quo through Direct Selling and Buying


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Written by: Benjienen Toledo

“Change in a new direction, helps you find new breakthroughs.” – Who Moved my Cheese

I believe that line from one of my favourite books is so apt when we talk about status quo, because change is its archenemy. With change, we move from the familiar to the unfamiliar; so we feel fear. But there is a good kind of fear, the fear that does not let you settle for status quo.


Status quo fails to adapt, it fails to live up to the challenges because it knows that when it shifts its course, there is discomfort.

From 1-2% Agent Commissions to DIY

HDB Direct Selling was not the norm; Ohmyhome has deviated from what has been to what can be. Even when the 1-2% agent commission rates was still the standard, we showed Singaporeans that saving up to S$18,000 in selling or buying HDB resale is a possibility.

But why does Ohmyhome challenge status quo?

Why does Ohmyhome need to provide people a platform to DIY their HDB Selling, Buying or Renting when people have been used to the traditional ways of doing it?

As the book says; “Old beliefs do not lead you to new opportunities”.

From Traditional to Mobile App

Singapore is not the same as it was more than 50 years ago. Singaporeans have not been afraid to let go of the old and enjoy new beginnings even if it means there will be pains along the way. We understand so well, what it means with becoming extinct if you do not change; and nobody wants that. Therefore, we move on and keep moving on.

Ohmyhome perceived the need to relinquish the control of your homes back into your hands through Ohmyhome HDB app. You may directly search through our HDB listings for your next home or post your HDB resale when you are about to move forward to your new dwelling. You may contact your potential tenant or landlord without paying agent commissions because it is that simple.

From Manual to Automatic Calculator

Ohmyhome HDB Direct Selling Buying Financial Planning

Financial planning used to be a burden when setting up your HDB selling or buying transaction. It used to be troublesome to compare rates from bank to bank and make financial decisions. Admit it or not, budgeting is one of the major considerations in family decisions pertaining to your home. Fear not, Ohmyhome has also overcome that part.

With the launch of Ohmyhome’s New App with improved functionality, you can now calculate your budget with sales proceeds and affordability calculator. You will be guided in every step of your transaction with our ‘Journey’. More importantly, you may now compare and contact banks directly regarding your mortgage home loans from every listing page.

From Hidden Fees to Fixed Fees

We understand that HDB DIY may not be for everyone due to a variety of factors. Defying status quo means providing an equally agreeable option and giving the homeowners the freedom to choose which suits them best.

Ohmyhome provides a Fixed Fee Full Agent Service at $2888; no hidden fees, no commissions. Alternatively, sellers and buyers may also engage our good and experienced agents for Documentation Services at $1688. Landlords may also engage us from advertising to sealing a deal with a tenant at $988 or appoint us to do all the HDB documentation at only $588.

You see, it’s only a matter of preference.

We are familiar with the attractive on the surface but the inside is packed with hidden fees and fine prints. In Ohmyhome, we stick to what we value most; Simplicity, Honesty and Helpfulness. Thus, there’s no ++, no “Starts at” or “From” in our pricing.

Our fees are cost-friendly, straightforward and transparent. That is all you need to pay us upon the completion date. With completion, we mean sealing the deal and not halfway the process. Ohmyhome ideals include trust; thus, our clients’ confidence in our services and character matters more than anything.

From 104 Days to 33 Days

Ohmyhome HDB Direct Selling and Buying, and Status Quo 104 to 33 days

With our fixed fee agent services for sellers, we assist to sell your flat at an average of 33 days.

How do we do this?

We have dedicated agents to help you out; our agents do not cram many clients in one shot because they are not after the commissions. We assure that each case has utmost attention and effort because each home is special. We recognize that anything that affects our families and loved ones do not deserve the backseat in our priorities.

The typical selling period in the market is 104 days; Ohmyhome breaks that record at an average of 33 days.

Home: From Temporal to Permanence

Ohmyhome understands that times may be changing, but never your home.

We believe that home is not about the place, but it is about the people, the experience and the feeling that goes with you wherever you are. So it is no longer that temporary structure where you reside, but it becomes a permanent part of you. Home is a feeling that never outgrows you.

There is always something new and exciting to look forward to in everyday, in each situation, in every home. We are thrilled to hear more stories of change and overcoming status quo.

Ohmyhome is delighted to be a part of your journey in listing, home searching, selling or buying your home through direct channels or engaging our fixed fee services.

Afterall, we want to be equipped in making informed decisions to achieve one thing; to make that HDB Selling and Buying experience an enjoyable milestone.

For more information call us at 6886 9009 or you may visit our FAQ.

You may also send your enquiry or chat with out customer service managers.

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