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SINGAPORE, 11 October 2016 | Ohmyhome, a real estate platform and a CEA licensed real estate agency which lets users buy, sell or rent HDB flats on their own, has received tremendous support and interest from users since its beta launch in May 2016. Data has shown that there is growing acceptance towards this new and convenient method of transacting.

Ohmyhome was officially launched in September 2016. It is the first real estate mobile application platform in Singapore to directly connect Housing and Development Board (HDB) buyers to sellers, and tenants to landlords. According to the Ministry of National Development, there has been an evident increment in Do-It-Yourself transactions as figures show that it has doubled to 25% since 2010, pointing to a trend and demand in this market space.

Rhonda Wong, CEO of Ohmyhome, commented “Ohmyhome is conceptualized as we recognized that there is a strong demand in the property market for a platform or avenue for DIY-oriented users in this modern era. By providing a free platform and optional flat fee agency services, we are able to revolutionize the way HDBs are transacted. I am also pleased to share that we have seen a 7% week-on-week increase in the number of Ohmyhome users, and 10 to 30 listings have secured buyers or tenants each month.”

Committed to being easy, honest and free, the platform connects home-owners to home-searchers directly:

  1. Ohmyhome is Easy

    With the tagline ‘My Home My Way’, the platform equips the user with relevant features and the right information to be able to complete the purchase or rental on their own. A step-by-step guide provides users with the necessary hand-holding to list a HDB for sale or rent. A simple user interface allows users to easily search and view listings, as well as contact the owner.

  2. Ohmyhome is Honest

    While most products in the property market allow a flat to be listed more than once by agents and owners, Ohmyhome listings are tied to each address and only allows owners to list to ensure that there is no duplication.

    Should users require additional help, Ohmyhome can provide them with a licensed housing agent at a flat fee regardless of the transacted price. Committed to being transparent, the platform clearly lists the scope of work to ensure that all agents deliver the same level of professionalism and standards.

  3. Ohmyhome is Free

    Not only is listing and browsing free of charge, users do not have to pay to contact owners to make an enquiry or arrange a viewing. Furthermore, the platform does not charge commission for successful transactions. This means that users are able to complete a transaction on their own without additional costs or having to engage a real estate agent.

    For those who require temporary assistance, users can call Ohmyhome’s free-of-charge hotline to seek help. Agents specializing in HDB transactions will attend to them and guide them through the steps at no cost. This further encourages users to attempt to buy, sell or rent on their own.

With Ohmyhome, the user is in direct control of their housing decisions and are able to buy, sell or rent a HDBs their way.

Mrs Bin, an Ohmyhome user shared her experience, “Selling a house is a major burden as I don’t know where to start. When I came across Ohmyhome, all my worries were eased. The whole process became a breeze. I had my first viewing within one week, and the Option To Purchase (OTP) was signed by the third week. I would definitely recommend Ohmyhome to everyone!”

Race Wong, executive director of Ohmyhome, said, “We have begun work on our new features and we look forward to introducing the ‘DIY’ way of transacting to more home-owners, home-searchers, tenants and landlords.”

Ohmyhome has started to explore new features, such as Open House where owners can set a date and time for all interested parties to see the house, to further encourage more potential buyers for home viewing without the pressure of making an appointment, which in turn increases the home owners’ chances of success.

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