Find the “Oh Factor” in your Home Searching Moments

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Find the “Oh Factor” in your Home Searching Moments


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Written by: Benjienen Toledo

Oh my gosh! That was so mundane

This was said by no one ever.

Searching for a home is both a personal and family milestone. Whether you are the father who made the call, the mother who influenced the decision, the son insisting on staying within your comfort zone or the daughter who initially refused to move on.

Every milestone in our lives is amazing. The simple “Will you marry me” and the overwhelming reply of “I Do” is not only defined by the years, hours or seconds, but it is also filled with precious moments that can’t be retrieved.

How to make the most of those moments?

Understand that these moments is a catalyst to the delights of your heart -the “Oh factor”.

What seemed normal becomes special and the old and dreadful renews itself to something beautiful.

The “Oh factor” is what we seek all our lives; we may find it in different places, be it in the adventures with your partner, in silence, on the hill watching the sunrise or in the surprises that life throws at you.

Guess what? The “Oh factor” can also be found in Singapore.

What is that “Oh factor”?

When Ohmyhome brought you the largest comic strip in Singapore , we have unveiled the “Oh factor” that transformed the face of the real estate industry in September 2016. This “Oh factor” has since made HDB transactions simpler and it has empowered homeowners with the knowledge of HDB processes and allow them to be in control.

Ohmyhome is more than a real estate agency, it is a vision that connects 80% of Singaporeans through a digital platform, allowing them to make decisions about the fate of their homes. We could say that Singapore has reached a crossroad more than a year ago when we decided to stand up against the conventional real estate practices and modify the industry towards the Do-It-Yourself method. We are instigating change through a fixed fee agent services in comparison to the 1-2% commission rates.

If you haven’t experienced that “Oh factor” in your home selling or buying, then it’s about time to rub elbows with it. The “Oh factor” is within you, so give it your full attention and embrace the experience.

How to find that “Oh factor”?

Find the “Oh factor” residing within you like Mrs. Bin.

Because in Ohmyhome, we have found it in every home we tread on. Every family has a story and though it may seem ordinary, it brings about meaningful lessons which continuously inspire us to be more.

Do you know why?

Because you are our “Oh factor”!

And we intend to be that “Oh factor” for you and your family, sharing beautiful moments with you throughout your milestones.

Ohmyhome will be your expression of joy, commencement of change, and exhilaration for newness. With the “Oh factor”, every home becomes Ohmyhome!

Thus, when you look back to that once upon a time when you first fall in love with your flat, you will conclude it with a smile and say; “That was simple.”

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