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How to Safeguard Your Household Contents Against Theft

how you can safeguard your home contents against theft with insurance


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It’s well known that Singapore has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. But low crime doesn’t mean zero crime. In 2019, 35,115 cases were reported, of which 11,218 were theft or related violations1. That means your most valued possessions might not necessarily be safe even within your home.

How can you secure your home against theft?

Thieves often target homes that are obviously unoccupied or have poor security. To avoid making your flat attractive to burglars, here are some tips:

  1. Invest in sturdy locks and security grills for both your doors and windows. If you have more funds, a home security system with CCTV cameras indoors and  facing the front door is a great idea. And don’t forget to activate them!
  2. Don’t announce your travel plans on social media or other public channels. You never know if a thief may be canvassing your house.
  3. If you need to leave your house vacant, make sure it still looks lived-in. Ask a neighbour to collect your mail so that it doesn’t pile up on your doorstep. Consider installing automatic lights that go on and off at preset times so that it appears as if someone is home.

But what if you followed all these steps and still experienced a home break-in? You can add another layer of protection with Home Contents Insurance.

Aviva Home Contents Insurance Coverage

Ohmyhome is collaborating with Aviva to offer a unique Home Contents Insurance plan, free for the first year, that provides up to S$130,000 coverage. to ensure you are fully secured.

Claims of valuable items are also not limited to just jewellery or expensive electronics. Aviva’s Home Contents Insurance also covers other costly items from your wardrobe and even domestic appliances.

What are the terms of coverage for theft?

For losses due to theft, Aviva’s policy will cover you within the maximum period of unoccupancy – this refers to the period when a property is left vacant. Details include:

  • Maximum period of unoccupancy: Up to 60 consecutive days
  • Other condition: Filing of police report within 24 hours upon discovery of the theft

Other terms and conditions apply. For full coverage details, please refer to the Product Summary

Want to safeguard your home contents today? Sign up to redeem your one-year complimentary Home Contents Insurance. This is a limited-time offer, so get yours today!

Call Ohmyhome at 6886 9009 to learn more.

Important notes: 

1. Source: Singapore Police Force. (2021, February 9). Annual Crime Brief 2020 [Press release]. https://www.police.gov.sg

Terms and conditions apply. The above product is underwritten by Aviva. Ohmyhome is not an insurance agent or intermediary and is not allowed to solicit any insurance business or give advice on or recommend any product nor be involved in any discussions or negotiations between you and Aviva or in the arrangement of any insurance contract between you and Aviva. Please direct all insurance enquiries to Aviva. 

This material is published for general information only and does not have regard to specific investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs of any specific person. A copy of the Product Summary may be obtained from Aviva Ltd and the participating distributors’ office. This material is not a contract of insurance. Full details of the standard terms and conditions of this policy can be found in the policy contract. Protected up to specified limits by SDIC. Information is accurate as of September 2021.

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