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Having served over 12,000 happy customers and with them leaving over 8,000 reviews across all channels, being recommended isn’t new to Ohmyhome.

If you provide good service, show dedication and authenticity, and over deliver where it matters, it is only natural that your customers won’t stop raving about you.

Here we feature a handful of influencers who were introduced to Ohmyhome and recommended their fans to try us out when deciding to buy, sell, rent, or renovate their home.

Jayne Tham

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A post shared by Jayne Tham (@jaynetham)

Jayne Tham, a mother of 2 and spouse of popular Radio DJ Vernon A, understands the need for having ample space in their home especially with 2 young kids. She recommends our MATCH technology to simplify the home hunting process.

Instead of searching listings every single day and having to re-create your desired filter each time while navigating potential duplicate and scam listings, Ohmyhome provides a buying preference form instead.

All you have to do is tell us once. We’ll then match your preference to existing listings and send you updates on any new ones that enter our database. You’ll receive timely updates for homes you know you will love and can go about your day focusing on the more important things in life.

Kelvin from Cheekiemonkies

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A post shared by Cheekiemonkies (@cheekiemonkies)

The OG Parenting Influencer, Cheekiemonkies wishes Ohmyhome existed 18 years ago when he had his first child, Ash. Having a property partner to help him sell his home, search for a new home near his parents place, plus plan his renovation would have prevented a lot of stress and saved a lot of time.

And now that he does have the option, Kelvin plans to use us for his next property milestone and recommends other working parents do so as well especially when you’re trying to juggle work and kids.

Lucinda Zhou

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A post shared by LUCINDA ZHOU (@lucindazhou)

Lucinda is also a mother of 2 young children and co-founder of Ohvola with her sister Jolene. In fact, Ohmyhome reminds her of the company she started as we’re both homegrown businesses that’s very committed to serving our customers.

And as her child is entering primary school in 2 years’ time living in a location that is nearby a preferred school is extremely important in getting enrolled. And Lucinda knows that if she were to find another dream home in the future, she’s already one step ahead having known Ohmyhome!


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A post shared by XinLin Khaw 许欣琳 (@xinlinnn)

XinLin Khaw is a new homeowner having bought a resale home just last year. She took things into her own hands and searched for her perfect home by herself.

What she didn’t know was how Ohmyhome’s agents could have helped her with all of that. Whether you’re buying, selling, renting, or renovating, Ohmyhome’s proprietary technology makes the property transaction process more efficient and convenient for everyone.


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A post shared by Rachell Ng🦄 (@aglimpseofrach)

Rachell Ng and her husband Isaac are also new homeowners. Location was at the top of their list when choosing a home and they found something that was located centrally albeit slightly smaller. But the home buying process was definitely a challenge for first time buyers.

Buying a home also comes with additional legal and administrative issues and Rachell was glad to know that Ohmyhome helps you from start to end, especially ensuring all documentation, mortgages, and legal conveyancing are in order.


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A post shared by Benjamin Toh (Typicalben) (@typicalben)

Benjamin Toh, creator of popular Youtube Channel Ben Ran Away with him brother Randy dropped by our office recently and tried his hands at being an agent for a day (and dressed up as one).

Trying to understand how busy you must be to be an agent at Ohmyhome is something many wouldn’t be able to. Imagine juggling home viewings, meeting clients for the first time, and yet closing a deal every 5 days. But that’s how efficient and hardworking Ohmyhome agents are.

He’s also looking forward to getting the keys to his new home that will be TOP-ing soon so we wish him all the best for the start of his home journey.


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A post shared by Sheila Mandy (@sheilamansy)

Sheila currently stays in a home that has recently met it’s Minimum Occupancy Period of 3 years. Staying up to date on property related news and stats is something she’s actively doing and happy that Ohmyhome provides her with just that.

On this blog, we cover all things property news and every week we produce Property Recap and Property Response as well as a podcast every month called Real Estate Real Advice.

As a potential home seller, Sheila wants to make sure she can maximise her gain in the shortest time possible which is what Ohmyhome agents are known to do. Record speeds at record prices.


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A post shared by Heman & Cheryl (@todayweexplore)

Heman and Cheryl are digital creators always seen travelling the world and experiencing the finer things in life. Which is when they were introduced to Ohmyhome, they knew they were working with the right people.

The couple is also getting married tomorrow as of writing and venturing forth into a new chapter of their lives. Marriage like buying a home is a long term commitment and the couple is happy to recommend their audience of aspiring travellers to also ensure that when they return home from their travels, it’s to their dream home.

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