An Experience with Ohmyhome Agent Service

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An Experience with Ohmyhome Agent Service


As a Real Estate undergraduate, my internship at Ohmyhome was fruitful and insightful. Attending client appointments with Ohmyhome Salespersons helped me understand why clients always choose to engage Ohmyhome!

The Behind the Scenes

To start, Ohmyhome Operations Team is attentive to the Salesperson and their performance. I was given an evaluation sheet to grade the Salesperson objectively during the appointment. It is one of Ohmyhome’s way to ensure that their Salespersons are up to standards and maintains an excellent and all rounded experience for all their clients.

The Client Meeting

During the first meeting with the client, the Salesperson would provide them with an overview of the market. The first impression indeed lasts!

The Salesperson would come prepared with a customised property report for their clients, regardless whether the client will engage him/ her or not. This totally changed my outlook on agents as it was very different from when my parents previously engaged freelance agents.

When I was first informed that the first meeting would take an average of 1.5 hours, I was shocked. But after attending it together with an Ohmyhome Salesperson, I understood why.

During the appointment, the agent would go through the step-by-step procedure for selling an HDB flat. It comprehensively included understanding the clients’ needs, discussing the property report, doing financial calculations and even anticipate and preempt all possible problems.

For example, one of the cases was an administrator’s case where the administrator has been appointed by the deceased to dispose of his property. After the Ohmyhome Salesperson finished going through the required information, another 1 hour was spent on guiding the administrator step by step to obtain the grant of probate.

After the Meeting

After the appointment, Ohmyhome Salespersons would list the property immediately. Ohmyhome listings are posted on all the top property advertising sites in Singapore, which includes Ohmyhome’s platform, which is Singapore’s No.1 HDB Do-It-Yourself portal with a vast database of direct buyers.

The Listing of Properties

The listings are refreshed every day to keep the listings at the top of the page. Refresh is like a “boost” where it ensures your property listing goes back to the top and not pushed back by other listings.

After the Experience

Spending 10 weeks in Ohmyhome gave me a whole new outlook on property agents. If any of my friends or family are selling their properties, I would gladly recommend Ohmyhome because I have seen what they are capable of in person!

You may reach Ohmyhome through their hotline at 6886 9009.

Contributor: Leow Wei Min

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