DIY Marketing for Your Resale Home and Rental Flat

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DIY Marketing for Your Resale Home and Rental Flat


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Written by: Benjienen Toledo

Marketing your own flat, be it for sale or rental, is real work. You don’t just throw the dice and expect to find a home buyer or tenant right away. But once you master the Do-it-yourself (DIY) process of advertising your property, your home selling and rental transactions will be a breeze! Plus, you will be able to take control of how your potential buyer or tenant perceive your flat!

Let us guide you on the know-hows on advertising your property for free!

Marketing for your resale home or rental flat is not too different from selling a cup of coffee or milk tea. Buyers know what they need, how they need it, when they need it and where they need it. Sellers therefore, can suss out what a potential buyer wants and tailor their own home to meet a buyers expectations.

What DIY Housing App to Use?

You do not need to pay a premium for real estate apps to take advantage of the existing property technology (proptech). Also, you are not required to become a property agent first to use a property listings site.

In the digital era, housing apps with advanced functionality is at your fingertips and can help you DIY your home selling and rental transactions. Choose the one that guides you through your DIY journey and of course, if it’s free of charge, even better!

One important app feature of a real estate app that you need is direct messaging where you can instantly receive enquiries for your property listing. Ohmyhome mobile app has an in-app chat that allows you to connect with buyers and tenants without a middleman, allowing you to even schedule appointments and close the deal in the app.

Ohmyhome DIY Housing App Chat with Home Owners Directly

Remember: Respond quickly as potential home buyers or tenants have browsed through hundreds of listings already before they even thought of sending you a message.

Therefore to keep home searchers engaged and interested with your home listing is the key!

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How to keep potential searchers engaged?

One study revealed that humans now have an attention span of eight seconds. Google refers to this new consumer behaviours as micro-moments, meaning that home searchers expectations continue to rise as attention spans get even shorter. It is all about right here and right now, otherwise it’s not worth “my time”.

So how do you maximise the micro-moments of home searchers? In your Ohmyhome app, go to your profile and click settings and turn on your app notifications.

By turning on your notifications, potential buyers or tenants can reach you faster.

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How to Respond to an Enquiry?

Your first response to a home searcher’s enquiry is crucial, it may make or break the deal.

Home searchers are turned off by replies of homeowners who do not seem to convey interest their enquiry at all. You do not just play the role as a marketer when you DIY your home selling or rental, you are also playing a role as a customer service personnel.

When you go shopping for example, how do you want to be treated by the sales people when you seek their assistance? As a general rule of thumb, show enthusiasm in your replies while being friendly and polite.

Ohmyhome Reply with Enthusiasm

Between the two replies in the example above, which one do you think motivates the home searcher to continue with the conversation?

Put yourself in the home searchers shoes when replying. Be friendly and always lead the conversation. The reply for the 88 Indus Road will surely keep home searchers engaged with the conversation and makes them want to view the property. Seeing the conversation flow, the 55 Indus Road will definitely be removed from the shortlist.

It’s an opportunity lost for the first home owner.

Marketing for your resale home or rental flat the DIY way requires you to take on new roles; as marketer and customer service person. We all have experiences of being a customer, thus, these roles are not new to us. Keep them interested in your resale or rental property and master the art of marketing your home!

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