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Day in the Life of an Operations Manager


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Hi! I’m Veronica from Ohmyhome.

Over 15,000 people in Singapore have encountered this greeting for the past three years since Ohmyhome launched and transformed the way properties are transacted. Her perpetually friendly response to all kinds of enquiries is so prompt and admirable that clients will often ask her, “Are you a robot?”

Surprise! Veronica Ng is none other than Ohmyhome’s very own Operations Manager (and she is 100% human). In this article, we’ll walk a mile in her shoes, a resilient manager who is always the first to arrive and the last to leave the office. Her sky-high, day-to-day responsibilities include everything from structuring operational policies and procedures, striving to improve quality, productivity, and efficiency of the company’s largest team of tech-powered property agents, as well as attending to client enquiries.


Veron receiving her “Manager of the Year Award” handed by Ohmyhome’s COO Race Wong and CEO Rhonda Wong

8 am: Innumerable Emails and Conversations

Do you know that a working professional receives an average of 121 business emails per day? Well, Veron (as we call her) is certainly far from average! She receives up to 4X that number. HubSpot Tasks, client correspondence, company emails and operation-related chats fasten her to her seat for the next couple of minutes.

9 am: Attending to Clients

Ohmyhome communication channels operate from 9 am to 9 pm for 365 days a year. And since we have launched in Malaysia in July 2019, this means that Veron is technically in two places at the same time. There were some weeks where Veron would fly to our Kuala Lumpur office to structure our Ohmyhome Malaysia operations from Monday to Wednesday and return back to work in our Singapore office on Thursday to Friday. Despite the frequent travel, she still gets things done without a hint of exhaustion.

10 am: Sales Team Leaders Deliberation

Veron takes this time to strategise with the core members of the sales team on ways to grow the company and promote a workplace culture that encourages morale and performance.

A study claims that women speak about 20,000 words a day. It’s safe to say that Veron easily surpasses that number. On a daily basis, she speaks to over 30 people from our services’ omnichannel to back-to-back meetings with different stakeholders.


11 am: Monday Morning Meeting (3M)

We won’t be trusted by over 8,000 happy customers without this crucial 3M held every week for the past three years. Through this meeting, Veron tracks the progress of our sales team and fortifies Ohmyhome’s culture of transparency, autonomy and collaboration. 3M involves a weekly forecast of our customers’ progress, previous week’s completed client journeys and current week forecasted KPI metrics.

This weekly sales meeting sets the tone for our tech-powered property agents as they celebrate small and big wins together. Veron provides unique and noteworthy business insights to the team related to our self-service platform and marketing updates. She also ensures that the team has a growing sense of ownership and accountability. Her desired result is that the sales team will leave the meeting more aligned, energized and better equipped in their roles.

Motivation can come from unlikely places. Likewise, Veron is always on the hunt for those unlikely sources to tap into and push the team to stay on top of their game.

12:30 pm: Company Lunch

We are treated to a monthly buffet lunch in the office to celebrate the team members born that month. It will start with creative ways of mixing up seating arrangements such as sitting according to your birth month or next to someone you don’t usually talk to.

A ring or a beep is a constant companion to Veron’s meals. It’s either a hotline call, in-app message, web chat or a callback request form. Her meal feels incomplete without it. Don’t worry, she is still 100% human!


1:30 pm: Overseeing Operations

It’s right after lunch and things don’t tend to slow down as on top of everything else-an integral department is under her levelheaded stewardship. She has all afternoon to supervise operations and confront countless decision-making processes. From convening some members of the sales team, meeting the operations team to coaching the customer care team-name it and she will embrace her duties with grace!

When asked about how she copes with the myriad of responsibilities under her care, she said, “There is nothing a good conversation can’t cure.” Indeed, Veron embodies this through and through as she talks to the people in between her day to soothe undesirable situations while she attends to new clients, follows up on leads and manages customer experiences too. She is truly unstoppable!

4 pm: A Dose of Sodium Plus Carbonated Water and Sugar

Veron loves a kick of sodium in her system plus a can of soda to refuel. Disclaimer: she enjoys this sinful combination in moderation. One fun fact about her is that she started out at Ohmyhome since the company only had its first (and only) property agent! When asked about what made her stay, she said, “I treat this place like family and I am excited to see it’s goals come into fruition. Having satisfied customers complimenting our sales or CS team fulfils me. The glowing faces of the sales team each time we have completed a customer’s home transaction journey is enough of a reward.”

4:30 pm: Embracing Challenges

Having an unsatisfied customer is one of the toughest challenges for Veron. But with her unwavering dedication and patient disposition in understanding customers and rectifying dissatisfaction, there’s nothing that cannot be resolved. When asked about her personal goal, she said, “My goal is for Ohmyhome to continue being the number one game-changing housing solution, not just within our region, but in the world!”

During this time, Veron reminds the Malaysia Sales Team about their weekly Tuesday meeting. She is also in constant communication with our Malaysia customer care team to ensure that she is always aware of the team’s progress.

6 pm: Aligning with the Customer Care Team

To ensure customer satisfaction and a continuously improving Ohmyhome experience, Veron conducts weekly meetings with the team.


7 pm: Deep Thinking

When all is quiet in the office and you spot a lady wearing airpods and typing vigorously on her laptop, completely indifferent to the fact that it’s an hour past the end of the work day-that encapsulates her work ethic. Veron epitomizes endurance and consistency-she’s truly one in a million!

9 pm: Bracing for the Next Day

Her fast-paced, productive day involving multiple interactions across a number of different teams almost feels like three days combined. She has these rare hours to brace herself for the challenges that lie ahead. When asked about how she maintains a positive outlook and drive to conquer another day, she said, “The going can never get too tough when I have a fortress of emotional support that fuels me, which is my family.”

Walking in Veron’s shoes is undoubtedly about inspired leadership. But being the resilient leader she is today certainly didn’t come without a price. It could mean delaying lunch, dinner or both meals altogether to get in the zone and deliver, but she handles it with exemplary finesse and confidence-plus an amazing sense of humour to boot!

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