Circuit Breaker Extension: How to Keep the Romance Alive When You’re Apart



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Written by: Marissa Saini

Since the announcement of the circuit breaker extension on 21 April 2020, there has been a collective sigh from unmarried couples who are not living together. After all, the extension – while necessary to break the chain of infection – means an added four weeks of separation for these couples.

But the circuit breaker isn’t an excuse to break each other’s hearts! Here are some ideas on how you can keep the flame alive as the circuit breaker runs its course.

1. Communicate daily


Texting and calling each other up may be business as usual during pre-COVID-19 days, but it is much more imperative now that your partner is separated from you for an extended period of time. Check-in with each other regularly, update them on how your day is going, send a cute gif – these little things will go a long way in letting them know you’re thinking about them.

Not only does communication strengthen your relationship, but it also helps maintain your mental health.

2. Watch a show together

Change up the usual remote movie date with a popular Chrome extension called Netflix Party. Once you’ve installed this free app, it lets you watch Netflix together in real time. For example, if your partner pauses or skips the movie, it’ll reflect on your screen too! This creates a shared viewing experience that’s as close to a normal movie night as you can get. It even comes with a chat box so you can put aside your phone and discuss the movie without needing to hit mute!

If you prefer theatre to TV, you can watch one of the free shows that are now streaming on YouTube – from Broadway musicals and Shakespeare plays to modern productions. These are usually posted to support a charity or performing artists, so don’t forget to donate if you can!

3. Play games on interactive apps

There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition! Having no reason to leave home means your game console of choice is your – and your partner’s – new best friend! Play online with your console and challenge your other half with games like Fifa 20, Animal Crossing, and Overcooked to name a few.

Don’t have a console? Free game apps like Scrabble GO and sites like are great multiplayer options to look into.

4. Surprise one another


Nothing screams romance quite like the element of surprise. With the endless array of service options available, you can sweep your partner off their feet by surprising them with doorstep deliveries – anything from balloons, food from their favourite restaurant, flowers, care packages, and groceries. Simply put, if contactless delivery is an option, you can arrange to get it sent to your loved one and make them feel loved in one go!

Looking to give back to those affected by the circuit breaker? TOUCH Community Services is a not-for-profit charity organisation in Singapore. Officially registered in 1992, TOUCH has been a member of the National Council of Social Service since 1994. Over the years, the organisation has reached out to many individuals from all religions and races, including children, youths, families, people with special and healthcare needs, and the elderly.

Ohmyhome has been in partnership with TOUCH over the years.

Learn more about TOUCH, call (65) 6377 0122, e-mail [email protected] or you can donate now.

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Find out how to transact your home during this period

Buying or selling your property during COVID-19?

Find out how to transact your home during this period

Buying or selling your property during COVID-19?


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Consult an expert for free!

Send us your details and we’ll be in touch within 15 min (daily 9am to 9pm GMT +8).


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