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Mother’s Day 2020: 7-Day Love Your Mom Challenge


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Written by: Rita Magallona

With the extended stay-at-home orders around the world, more and more people are celebrating milestones at home. Mother’s Day 2020 happens to be one of them.
The good news is, Mother’s Day need not be complicated or expensive. With this seven-day challenge, you can give your mom a week she’ll always cherish.

Are you ready to face the challenge? Start exactly one week before the second Sunday of May so that you can end the challenge on the holiday itself.

7-Day Mother’s Day Challenge 2020

Day 1: Tell your mom you love her

There are many ways of expressing your love for your mom, and at the top of that list is to just say, “I love you.” It is simple, but many find this difficult to directly express their feelings. But these words may be exactly what your mother needs to hear during this stressful season.

Day 2: Thank her for everything she does for you


Your mom has done a lot of things for you since you were born. And if you’re living with her, she is probably still doing things for you. Why not commend everything she has done – and is still doing – for you? Say “thank you” every time she does something, big or small. She will treasure being appreciated.

Day 3: Offer to help with chores

Being a mother is hard work, and one of the best gifts you can give her is to help her with her chores. If you do so, make sure you take over all the tasks involved in the chore, from planning to execution. So if it’s cooking dinner, this means taking care of meal planning, finding recipes, grocery shopping, and cleaning up the kitchen after.

Pro tip: Ask first if she wants your help, as some moms prefer being busy and may take your offer the wrong way.

Day 4: Take 15 minutes to talk with your mom one on one

As she grows in age, your mom might feel that no one listens to her anymore. Schedule when you can leisurely talk with her about anything and everything she wants to talk about. She may just reminisce about the old days. She may start complaining about life today. She may even repeat stories you’ve heard her tell several times already.

Listen and interact. What’s important is she feels someone is listening. Even better, make this one-on-one conversation a daily habit.

Day 5: Ask her for advice

She has lived for many years and gained much wisdom through them. Why not ask for her advice about a problem you are dealing with? Even if it is a small problem that you can deal with by yourself. What’s important is she gets to give input. She might even give you insights you have not thought of.

Day 6: Do something together

Does she enjoy cooking? Sewing? Gardening? Join her in what she likes to do. She will feel that you value what she’s doing and, by extension, that you value her. You might even learn a new skill.

Day 7: Compliment her on her positive traits

Is your mom known for her beauty? Or how well she dresses? How about how knowledgeable she is on certain topics? Or how she sensitively gives wise advice? Compliment her for these and she will feel appreciated.

Better yet, put this in writing. There’s a reason why Mother’s Day cards are popular, as it’s visible proof of the affection expressed by children to their mothers.

You don’t have to limit yourself to seven days, as you can implement these ideas any day of the year. Start creating even more happy memories with your mother in the safety of your home.

While you spend time with your mom on this special day, let’s not forget that there are seniors who can’t celebrate with their children. In this time of the pandemic, you can help around 7,000 elderly beneficiaries through TOUCH Community Services, a not-for-profit charity organisation in Singapore.

Officially registered in 1992, TOUCH has been a member of the National Council of Social Service since 1994. Over the years, the organisation has reached out to many individuals from all religions and races, including children, youths, families, people with special and healthcare needs, and the elderly.

Ohmyhome has been in partnership with TOUCH over the years. Learn more about TOUCH, call (65) 6377 0122, email tcs@touch.org.sg or you can donate now.

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