Best Time of the Day to Search for a Home

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Best Time of the Day to Search for a Home


If there’s the best time to eat, sleep, and work, there’s also the best time to find a home. Are you keeping track of how much time you spend searching for your next home?

According to HSBC’s 2019 Beyond the Bricks survey, Singaporeans spend an average of 3.29 hours each week on property-related window shopping, reading property magazines, and browsing through thousands of property listings on online portals.

In short, home searching is hard work.

There are some property addicts who spend over seven hours a week reading about or researching property. But if you do not have that urge and the luxury of time, you need to find the best time of the day to search for a home and make the most of it!

4 Ways to Get the Best Out of Your Home Search


1. Follow Your Circadian Rhythm

Circadian rhythms are our internal clocks that tell our bodies when to get up, eat and sleep throughout 24-hour cycles.

Based on circadian rhythms, about 75% of people tend to be the most mentally alert between 9 am and 11 am. The afternoon between 2-3 pm marks a low energy point. Need I say more why you feel like taking naps during the afternoon?

Work which syncs with our circadian rhythms results in greater productivity and less fatigue.


2. Find Out Your Peak Productivity Time

Figuring out which time of the day coincide with your body and mind working at peak effectiveness is highly individual.

Wonder what time of the day can you maximise our home searching efforts? A study showed that 11 am is the most productive time in an office environment. If you are working full-time, you can’t search for your dream home on a weekday, of course, hence, you do it by 11 am on weekends.

3. Search Where You are Exposed to Massive Amounts of Light

Light levels in the range of 100- 300 lux is for normal activities, a typical indoor light bulb provides 150 lux. You don’t only need a light level of at least 1500 – 2000 lux for precision and detailed works, your brain needs it too!

The outdoor light level is approximately 10,000 lux on a clear day. That doesn’t mean that you should sunbathe while you home search. Take advantage of peak daylight as soon as you wake up, sip your hot coffee outside your house or open up your window blinds. During your lunch break, go outside for another short walk so you can get some more light.

If you don’t want to search for your home in vain, consider getting a healthy dose of vitamin d or more specifically, 100,000 lux from the sunlight for optimal focus and productivity. Even on a cloudy day, the amount of light that your eyes are exposed to is vastly higher than the amount of light you’d get from a light bulb.


4. Apply the 2-minute Rule

When doing something new, the first two minutes simply become a ritual at the beginning of a larger routine. The goal of this rule is to make the first action mindless, once you make the first 120 seconds easy to start, the rest will follow without a hitch.

Finding the best time of the day to search is only the tip of an iceberg, it’s only the first two minutes of the process. After you have chosen the time, you’ll need to design your environment to make success easier.

How do you do that? Through sheer FOCUS. This comes by limiting distractions so you spend your time efficiently while finding a home you love.

Home searching is no ordinary task, it is one of the major milestones in your life. You need to calculate how much you can afford, mortgage rates, timeline planning especially when you sell and buy an HDB flat concurrently using enhanced contra facility. Buy a resale flat from $2,888 agent fee!

Here’s a 6-step guide when buying a condo or you can engage our experienced agents at $0 agent fee.

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