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A Tale Of 2 Aunties Buying Property – A Skit Presented By Joanna Lim


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In the hustle and bustle of the heartland coffee shops, 2 aunty friends (Auntie Lim and Auntie Jo) meet while donned in the latest Bugis Street fashion apparel talking and complaining (in Hokkien and Singlish) about the difficulty of finding a trusted and reliable property agent to help them sell their place.

Auntie Jo shares that she is extremely excited to sell her home soon and move into a nicer neighbourhood while Auntie Lim laments about the old days, when finding properties to live in was a difficult and time-consuming process and the reliance on an agent that may not have your best intentions at heart could land you in a less than desirable house or just take forever to sell your place.

Auntie Jo then adds that commission fees of the old days would definitely eat into your profits, should you be lucky to even sell your property for more than it’s worth, ultimately benefiting the agent instead of you.

It was at this moment that Auntie Lim saw the opportunity to tell her good friend about a revolutionary property app introduced to her by her more digitally savvy daughter. Ohmyhome.

The property tech platform used and trusted by thousands of people who rated it 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google and other rating platforms.

“Ohmyhome helps you sell your home at better prices.”

– Joanna Lim

Auntie Jo now having started researching the process of selling a home, wonders and inquires about the difficulty of selling a home. She plainly explains that if a buyer is happy, they’ll pay the deposit and, after a while, pay the balance. “An easy process,” she exclaims. But Auntie Lim refutes her point.

She adds that the very first step in selling your property is to understand the value of your home. She introduces Ohmyhome’s proprietary Home Valuation Report, an accurate and detailed report on the value of your home, based on the size, the floor, and past transactions in your area.

This piques the interest of Auntie Jo, as she realises that if she knows the value, she’ll know exactly how much to set the asking price on her home. But this doesn’t stop there, Auntie Lim follows up and informs her that she’ll need to get started on some maths homework.

“How much tax you need to pay, how much CPF you need to refund, and how much cash you take home.”

– Joanna Lim

Again, she emphasises that it’s a very complicated process and it would be beneficial to ask Ohmyhome’s professional agents to assist and ensure the entire calculation was done properly and nothing is missed out.

In fact, she further declares that Ohmyhome does it all. They take gorgeous photos of your home, aggressively market your listing to potential buyers, place your listing on Ohmyhome’s exclusive platform, plus with the help of MATCH Technology, match your listing to an extensive pool of ready buyers, helping you get offers for your home in record time.

Lastly, Auntie Lim also shares Ohmyhome’s renovation services for the new home Auntie Jo was planning to buy. She responds with confusion initially, frustrated with the thought that her friend was introducing her to a new app, but is quickly affirmed by knowing that this is also included in the Ohmyhome app —truly a full-service platform.

Download our app today!

Be like Auntie Lim and Auntie Jo and get your hands on the all-in-one property tech app that helps you buy, sell, rent, and renovate your home at the press of a few buttons. Downloaded over 600,000 times across South East Asia, Ohmyhome is the platform to be on in this new digital age to experience property transactions in a simpler, faster, and more affordable manner.

And even if you don’t prefer to DIY, our Agent services are always available to assist you at half the price of traditional agents. With an average of 69 transactions per year, our in-house agents have the experience and expertise to help you with any unique situation you are in. Sell your home in record time for record prices. Ohmyhome, that was simple.

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