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5 Proven Tips for a Smooth Home Moving Experience


Engaged a moving company
for your upcoming home move and think you’re all settled? Not so fast! There’s more to home relocation than you think. To avoid any unforeseen obstacles that could deter you from a smooth home transition, be sure to tick these items off your list before your movers knock on your door on moving day.

1. Update your billing and mailing address

Be sure to update your correspondence details to important parties (eg. Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), banks, your employer etc.) and companies such as your Internet and electricity provider before you start vacating your old home for the new one. Updating your billing and mailing address may seem tedious but so crucial that it bears stating the obvious. In addition, you’ll need to stay on top of your timeline planning in order to arrange the installation of your WIFI router and other devices at your new home.

2. Check if you need a permit

This goes out to private property owners. At times, the common mistake first-time home movers usually make is assuming that a 14-foot lorry can just enter your building and transport your belongings, no questions asked. However, most condos require a permit as a security measure, and if not, the move may be delayed until the proper documentation is in order.

3. Defrost your fridge


Are you sticking to your trusty old fridge for your new abode? If you are, this step is essential. Switch off your fridge at least 24 hours before the big move to let it defrost. Pro tip: to avoid cleaning up a puddle the next morning, be sure to leave a towel at the bottom of the fridge door so it can soak up any leakage.

4. Take photos of your electrical appliances

For those who want to avoid the panic when you realise – a little too late – that you forgot where the wires on the back of your TV should go, this tip is for you. To ensure a no-fail way to get your TV up and working again in your new home, take a photo of the wiring, which will give you visual confirmation of where the red and blue wire goes.

5. Make sure your new home is liveable

No one wants to sleep amidst an active renovation site. It is safe to say that you’ll need to ensure that your new home is in a habitable state so you can comfortably reside there once you’ve moved all your belongings. Plan the move date anytime after the completion date of your home renovation. Don’t forget, you may even need to clean up your new home once your renovation is ready before you can move in.

Moving out of your old home takes more work than simply engaging a mover! It takes some planning, a few chores, and even some admin tasks before you can set forth on your home transition journey in a smooth and seamless way.

Looking for a professional mover
? Equipped with the right tools and vehicles to get the job done fast, enjoy a worry-free home move by professionals trained to handle your items with care. Call 6886 9009 to request for a free site visit now!

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