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Proven Ways to Add Value to Your Home Before Selling


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Our experienced agents will explain property selling tips in a fun and engaging way. In this episode of Property with D & Z, Ohmyhome’s Senior Real Estate Consultants Douglas Quah and Zen Lim take viewers through three proven ways to add value to your home before selling.

Whether you’re listing your property for sale in Queenstown, or looking for a buyer for your HDB for sale in Tampines, here are proven ways in adding value to your home before hanging that “For sale” sign.

1. Aesthetic enhancements

Keep up the needed repairs and home maintenance, it can be as simple as cleaning your windows and kitchen cabinet doors. The goal of aesthetic enhancement is making your home outstanding than the other units the potential buyers have viewed.

Something inexpensive as potted flowers in your living room or dining room will enhance the look of your home. You may also opt for a lamp to enliven that homey feeling upon home viewers entrance.

Another low-hanging opportunity to freshen up your space and potentially justify your asking price is to apply a new coat of paint. Avoid bright colours as it might turn off potential buyers, use neutral or classical hues for your home painting project that will withstand the test of time.

There are special areas that require fresh touches such as ceilings with traces of water leakage, walls drawn by your toddler or with furniture skid marks.

Make that first impression last!

2. Declutter and depersonalise

Overall cleanliness and space are one of the major factors to make home buyers fall in love with your flat. Depersonalising means removing your personal photographs or family mementos to aid potential buyers in visualising the space the way they like it to be.

Any decor or art statement that is overly personal for you may need to be stashed as early as possible. Help potential buyers imagine themselves in their own home!

3. Home stage for maximum sales appeal

Nobody knows your home better than you, you can demonstrate to home buyers how your home can be lived in through the art of home staging. You may add a comfortable armchair where you usually spend your time reading books. You may also use a coffee table, with a tray and coffee cup to transform an empty space to a breakfast nook.

We have shared with you to declutter and depersonalise, but it’s not synonymous to an empty house. It is harder for potential buyers to imagine it when it’s empty, hence, home staging helps facilitate their daydreaming.

If you need professional home staging, we have a highly recommended partner ready to assist you!

You may leave your questions and suggestions in the comments section and our super agents will answer in their upcoming episodes.

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Ready to add value to your home? Remember to highlight focal points and draw the home viewers’ eyes toward any special features in your home. Add accents or a pop of colour and you’ll clinch that deal in no time!

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