4 Proven Tips to Rent Out Your Home Fast



Home leasing in Singapore may take unexpected delays and reroutes. In a report, the home rental rate in Singapore fell in September for both non-landed private homes and HDB flats as compared to August.

In today’s crowded property rental market, it may be frustrating to conduct viewing after viewings without a Letter of Intent (LOI) or signed Tenancy Agreement at the end of the day.

That was a feeling we can definitely relate to as it took us three months to rent out our space. Nonetheless, our many years of home leasing led us to discover useful hacks to speed up the time it takes to find a tenant.

Here are essential tips to rent out your home fast:

1. Maximise Your Space

You may have done some photography tricks to make the unit look spacious, but that’s only the first step. During home viewings, it must feel spacious too. Rearrange furniture that takes the most space in your living room.

We customised our room arrangement after having a newborn, and we kept it that way during home viewings. After several viewings, the common feedback is that the unit is not the same as the photos. So we put everything back to its original arrangement while our unit is listed in the rental market.


2. Spruce Up Your Wall and Windows

Make your walls and windows sparkle to encourage potential tenants to write an LOI. After all, 50% of our brain is involved in visual processing so making sure your home is spotless definitely goes a long way.

Wall scratches are common sights as well as cobwebs and accumulated dust. Brighten up your home with deep-cleaning. If scuff marks can’t be removed, it’s time for a makeover.

You don’t need to spend on a full-scale renovation, simple wall painting does the trick! Wonder what paint colour to choose? Pick neutral colours so it stands the test of time and it will be faster for the future tenants to revamp upon handover. Ensure that your DIY wall painting is mess-free!

3. Add Eye-catching Focal Points

Beautiful visuals are much more powerful and engaging, we can get the sense of a visual scene in less than 1/10 of a second. One of our home viewers shared that the map of the world we hung on the wall was the first thing that caught her eye while browsing through hundreds of home rental listings.

Accentuate common areas in your home such as the living room to greet your potential tenants with the best first impression. Add a lamp, potted indoor plants or simply fresh flowers in a vase during photo-taking and home viewing appointments.


4. Make Your Listing Photos Outstanding

Even before a tenant schedules a viewing, they would have already browsed thousands of rental listings online. Our brains process images at a shocking speed, sensory nerve impulses from our eyes selectively recognize certain objects within 100 milliseconds.

This means you need to capture attention easily! If portrait orientation makes the unit look cramped, take a landscape photo instead. Be sure to shoot at eye level, not from the top-down or a low angle.

Bonus tip: Kneel when taking your photos! Apply these proven home photography tips that can make all the difference and make your listing go from drab to fab.

Landlords, it’s time to prepare your inventory list and double check your occupancy cap. Because with these proven tips, you will handover your home to new tenants in no time!

Need professional help in renting out your home? Let our trusted agents take care of your home rental needs from marketing, viewings, letter of intent, tenancy agreement to handover at $988 nett.

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Want to lease your property fast?

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Want to lease your property fast?


Consult an expert for free!

Send us your details and we’ll be in touch within 15 min (daily 9am to 9pm GMT +8).


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