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5 Essential Tips for a Mess-Proof DIY Wall Painting


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Flipping through paint swatches and daydreaming of the desired look and feel of your home? You’re not alone! It’s amazing how a fresh coat of paint can instantly elevate the design of a home. While the end result is the fun part, at times the actual painting process is anything but. If you’re dreading the weekend you’ve set aside for home re-painting, be sure to follow our tips to avoid common mishaps for a spotless paint job.

1. Get the right tools


Scoffing at the idea to get a drop cloth (otherwise known as plastic sheets) for your furniture and floor? Don’t. If you want to avoid that pesky drop of paint that could stain your beloved furniture, fool-proof preventive measures like plastic covers are the way to go. Besides that, other essential tools include rollers, paint trays, tape (for clean edges) and a ladder (for those hard to reach areas). If paint fumes get your head in a tizzy, we recommend wearing a face mask too.

2. Buy quality rollers

While the price difference may not be a lot, the six pack of rollers could tug at your heartstrings more than the higher quality, standalone roller that’s slightly more expensive. But don’t be deterred by the price tag! It’s a small yet necessary splurge for a much nicer end result. Cheap rollers tend to leave fuzz on the wet paint – a big no-no.

3. Wear gloves

wear gloves-tips-for-a-mess-proof-DIY-wall-painting

This goes without saying but needs some gentle nudging from time to time – a pair of gloves saves you time and effort from wiping it off with a solvent later. Wall paint is especially hard to remove and would need a strong-smelling solvent to dissolve it. Sparing you the headache and clean up, gloves are essential for protecting your skin from any unwanted contact with paint that can only be dissolved with thinner.

4. Paint in the right order

If you’re thinking of painting the whole house, we suggest going by the right order to prevent any potential mishaps with wet paint. The general rule of thumb would be starting from the ceiling, wall, windows, doors and lastly skirting (it’s that trim that runs along the bottom part of the wall, not all houses have them).

5. Wait for paint to dry

Fun fact: painting somehow works similarly to a manicure. You’re gonna need 2 or more coats of paint for a nicer finish and overall smoother and even effect. The catch? You’ll need to paint the first layer and wait for it to dry before starting on the second layer. Taking that extra level of care is how the pros ensure your walls are immaculate.

Embarking on home DIY projects is a stress-free and rewarding experience once you’ve got the right tools and tips to help you get started. There’s nothing like getting your hands dirty every once in a while to appreciate how a beautiful home comes together.

Rather leave your home painting to the professionals? Learn more about our home improvement services. You may also give us a call at 6886 9009!

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