4 Home Maintenance Tips to Prevent Falling Window Panes

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4 Home Maintenance Tips to Prevent Falling Window Panes


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Did you know that there were 48 instances of falling windows last year? A falling window pane seems like a rare and minor accident. But they pose a serious risk, especially since windows are one of the low-maintenance areas in your house.

The Building & Construction Authority (BCA) & Housing and Housing & Development Board (HDB) issued a joint reply on falling windows incidents. All windows are designed and installed according to current industry standards and meet the performance requirements of the Building Control Regulations. For example, aluminium rivets were used for casement windows in HDB flats, but these were replaced with stainless steel rivets in 1998.

The majority of falling window incidents in HDB flats involved those installed by homeowners during renovations. How can you prevent your window panes from falling out?

4 Maintenance Tips for Window Safety

1. Check Windows Regularly

Your windows are constantly exposed to rain, wind, and wear and tear. That’s why the BCA and HDB recommend that you check your windows at least once every six months.

2. Hire BCA-Approved Window Contractors

Thinking of changing your windows to match your new interior design? Before you start your home renovation, brush up on the laws regulating the design and installation of windows.

Make sure you do window repairs, retrofitting, installations, and replacements according to the Building Control Regulation. Better yet, choose from this list of BCA-approved window contractors.


3. Follow HDB Guidelines

The HDB provides renovation guidelines for window works. Check it against the retrofitting requirements to ensure that it conforms to the legislation. If you fail to retrofit your windows to stainless steel rivets, you could be fined up to $5,000 and/ or sentenced to a six-month jail term.

4. Know the Correct Maintenance for Your Window Type

There are generally three types of windows and each type requires specific care.


A window or part of a window that opens on hinges, pivots, or friction stays. Check that the fasteners are not rusty or loose. Clean and lubricate joints or movable parts regularly.


A window that slides horizontally along the bottom member of a frame. Check that the safety stoppers and angle strips are in place and not damaged, and replace if worn-out. You should also clean the tracks and ensure that the window panels can slide smoothly.


A window with fixed or adjustable glass panes usually found in toilets. Apply lubricant to the pivot joints for adjustable louvred windows. For timber louvred windows, ensure that the timber frame is in good condition and repaint when the paintwork starts to peel. Ensure that glass panes are secured firmly by the glass clamps and are not cracked.

With these window maintenance tips, you can keep other people safe from falling glass panes and ensure that your family is protected from the elements. Remember that safety is a priority.

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