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4 Benefits of Hiring a Full-Service Contractor for Your Home Renovation


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Written By: Henny Maherah

Is it worth the effort and cost to hire a full-service contractor? When it comes to home renovation, choosing the right renovation company can make or break your project. A full-service renovation company overlooks all concerns from administrative approvals to sourcing the best materials.

Considerations When Hiring a Renovation Company

Before you start looking for a contractor, make sure you’re clear about the extent of changes you need for your home. Here are some questions to help you set expectations:

  • What changes would I like to my home? Would it be a simple renovation or a complete overhaul?
  • Will my changes require approval and permits?
  • What is my stipulated timeline? When would I like the renovations to be completed?
  • How involved would I like to be? For example, would I expect my contractor to source the furniture and appliances for me?

Now that you have a better idea of your goals for your home renovation, let’s look at the advantages of hiring a full-service contractor.

4 Benefits of Engaging a Full-Service Contractor

1. Accuracy in planning and design

This is the first step to any home renovation project. The advantage of hiring a holistic contractor is that they have a comprehensive knowledge of the renovation process. Not only that, they can accurately plan each phase since they will provide the physical labour and materials. This means you will get a proposal with realistic cost estimates, milestones, and timeline.


2. Efficient application of permits and approvals

The application process is often time-consuming and involves a lot of administrative paperwork. A full-service contractor would have in-depth experience in such processes and would execute it on your behalf meticulously, so that you don’t have to worry about wasting time and money because you had overlooked something. Note that this stage applies if you intend to hack existing walls or realign electrical or plumbing systems. You would be required by law to seek official approval from the Housing and Development Board (HDB).


3. Seamless execution of home design

The biggest advantage of hiring full-service renovation services is to have direct access to one contact person. Since you do not have to coordinate with multiple contractors, you can save time and avoid miscommunication, which may cause further delays.

Also, a holistic understanding of the project allows a contractor to smoothly integrate functionality with design. For example, they will make sure that electrical outlets and pipes are positioned correctly without sacrificing the aesthetics of your home.


4. Commitment to final touches

Specialist contractors usually focus on their areas of expertise, leaving you to personally source for the finishing touches to your home. Aside from being time-consuming, this means that your choice of appliances and fixture may not match the implemented changes.

When you work with a full-service contractor, they can source appliances and fixtures that best fit your home’s dimensions, electrical outlets, and overall design. This knowledge is especially crucial when adding custom built-ins to your home. Plus, they usually have direct partnerships with suppliers so they can ensure that your specifications are strictly followed.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the details? With a full-service contractor, you get an all-in-one package: the skills, experience, and consistency to make your dream home a reality.

Looking for a full-service contractor for the home renovation of your dreams? Ohmyhome Home Renovation Services bring you quality finishings from conceptualisation till completion. With strong partnerships with international brands from the US, Europe and Japan, expect the best high quality materials and furnishings with Ohmyhome.

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