Interior Design for Small Homes to Maximise Your Living Space


The next generation of homebuyers across the world are buying smaller and smaller houses to accommodate the increasing house prices.

With smaller houses, homebuyers are much more aware of the importance of effective interior design to maximise what little space they have.

Here are some interior design tips that make even the tiniest apartment look spacious.

4 Interior Design Tips for Small Spaces

1. Buy compact and multifunctional furniture

In smaller houses, living and dining spaces are often combined to maximise space. The living room is generally the first thing you see upon entering the home after a long day’s work. That’s why your choice of furniture is central to the overall vibe of the entire living space.

For example, anyone living in a studio apartment quickly realises that a 4-seater dining table takes up a huge amount of space. The solution? Buy a high-quality, compact multi-purpose table. If your household only consists of you and your partner, consider buying a 2-seater dining table, which will make your living space less claustrophobic.


2. Add plenty of mirrors

Have you ever wondered why some department stores feel more spacious than others? Chances are, these stores utilise mirrors effectively.

You can apply the same principle in your home. While adding a mirror doesn’t increase your floor area, it does create the illusion of more space.

A neat place to mount a wall mirror would be near your home entrance. Not only does it offer a spacious feeling the moment you enter your home, it also lets you check your appearance before you go outside.


3. Incorporate storage solutions

Unlike large homes, small spaces do not have the luxury of having a designated storage room

It is then crucial to have storage solutions for small and medium objects to free up space for larger items in the household. The storage serves two purposes: to minimise visual clutter and to organise items. Not only does it make your space look neater, but it also streamlines your daily routine as well.


Start viewing your space in three dimensions rather than a simple floor plan. Other than a closet of a cupboard, you can have wall-mounted shelves, overhead cabinets, and so on.

4. Hide your wires

While this advice is practical for both large and small households, it is more important for smaller ones. With a smaller space, visual clutter is much more prominent.

Ever wonder why high-end hotels or homestays feel more spacious than your home? This is because the hotels or photo editors know how to hide the wires well which will immediately translate to a cleaner, well organised and visually pleasing room.

A cheap way of handling wires is simple cable management using zip ties or twist ties. You can also conceal your wires with wall cord covers.

These are helpful principles to keep in mind when designing your dream home. Remember, these small details have a huge impact on the overall feel of your home!

Are you the kind of person who loves to customise your home interior design, but needs a bit of help now and then?

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Turning your house into your dream home?


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