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3 Key Elements of a Smartly Designed Custom Home Interior


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Written By: Henny Maherah

Is it really worth the cost to have custom furniture and bespoke carpentry in your home? With the convenience of DIY furniture now at our fingertips, opting for pre-made furniture might seem like the easier route. Before planning your next trip to the store, however, consider the advantages of having user-friendly, long-lasting, and well-designed furniture that are built to your specifications.

3 Ways Custom Carpentry and Furniture Can Enhance Your Home

1. Customised space-saving furniture that last for years


Why not invest in custom furniture made from materials that can withstand heavy contact and use? Custom providers often specialise in sustainable wood or luxury metals, guaranteeing that your staple pieces are durable and cost-effective.

Beds, tables, and cabinets often take up the majority of the space in your home. Customising these items would provide you with an opportunity to include multi-purpose finishings tailored according to your specifications. This allows you to maximise the space without sacrificing comfort and functionality.

For example, if you’re a family of five, using a tiny dining set designed for a couple will just cause inconvenience. One way to solve this is by ordering “transforming” furniture – a table that can be adjusted for two to six occupants by adding a wooden panel or folding leaf.

2. Tech-savvy integration that hides messy wiring


Technology is an essential part of today’s lifestyle. With wiring and cables running everywhere though, electrical appliances can make even the cleanest homes look disorganised. Interweaving electronics into furniture is a great way to solve this problem.

For example, why not add built-in USB ports and electrical sockets into your bed frame, shelves, or work desk? By choosing space-saving gadgets and adding a custom TV console, you can transform your bedroom into a top-quality movie theatre. Just make sure to consult an electrician to avoid overloading your electrical system.

3. Built-in pieces that fit your home’s layout


When designing a stylish yet liveable home, include built-in pieces within the architectural design. This could be in the form of built-in wardrobes, multi-purpose pieces with hidden storage.

Is a bed simply a place to sleep, or can it be something more? What other uses are there for a TV console? When you integrate storage into the layout of your home, you can avoid purchasing bulky stand-alone pieces that would disrupt the natural flow. The secret is selecting pieces that match your current needs.

Why limit yourself to cookie-cutter furnishings? Let your creativity run free and invest in long-lasting custom pieces and well-designed carpentry that will take your abode to the next level.

Inspired to transform your home into a stylish and functional space? Let Ohmyhome’s Home Renovation Services help you from conceptualisation till completion! Partnering with specialised international brands from the US, Europe, and Japan, rest assured that your home receives only the best.

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