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Written by: Rita Magallona

Do you have a home you plan to rent out? One way of making your home attractive to prospective tenants is to stage your rental property, the same way real estate developers set up “model units” to attract buyers. Home staging involves styling and organizing your house so that prospective tenants can imagine themselves living there.

How can home staging help you attract tenants?

According to a 2019 survey by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), real estate agents believe that staging a home boosts the property’s perceived valuation and leads to a faster sale. Why not use that same strategy to promote your rental apartment?

The best part: you don’t need an interior design background nor a big renovation budget to do this.

Simple Home Staging Checklist for Your Rental Property

Here are some things to consider when staging your rental property for prospective tenants:

1. Decide if your rental property will be furnished or unfurnished

Do you plan to rent out your house as furnished or unfurnished? If you decide to offer it furnished, choose attractive furniture and appliances and include them in your home staging.

The advantage here is your house is move-in ready, which can influence your tenant to decide quickly about renting. You can also charge a higher rental fee for a furnished house, but expect normal wear and tear by the end of the lease.

2. Make sure your rental property is in good condition

Make sure the house is sparkling clean before presenting it to would-be tenants. Have it professionally deep cleaned or do it yourself to give that “new house” sparkle. If possible, give walls a touch-up with paint.

In case you’ve occupied the property recently, don’t forget to pack away your possessions and personal items before the viewing. Also, remember to replace broken light bulbs and fix damaged fixtures.

3. Highlight your home’s best features

Create a good first impression with a spotless and organized living room, which is usually the first room that the prospective tenants will see. Next on your list would be the master bedroom, then the kitchen, and then other rooms you may have.

A neat and tidy house with a few, strategically placed essential furniture creates an illusion of space. “Essential furniture” here refers to major pieces like a bed, dining table or sofa. You either expect your tenant to use if you’re renting out a furnished apartment, or furniture that you will have to move out in case you are offering an unfurnished unit.

Another trick is to let the light into your home to make it look more spacious. Pull back curtains, open windows, or put lamps in areas that sunlight can’t reach. And if you have to use electric lighting, use warmer hues instead of glaring white bulbs.

Don’t forget the exterior! This is not a problem if your home is a condo, but this can be a dealbreaker if you’re trying to lease out a free-standing house. Boost your home’s curb appeal by making sure these are in top condition: your gate, front yard, front door, and the garage.

Follow these home staging tips to attract a serious renter quickly and earn income from your property investment.

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