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3 Interior Design Ideas for Your Home Remodelling


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Written By: Henny Maherah

While houses in Singapore don’t come with a lot of space, the sky is still the limit when it comes to creativity! Ensure every square footage has your personal touch with a thorough home remodel. Here are some creative ways to make your residence uniquely yours!

3 Interior Design Ideas to Inspire Your Home Remodelling

1. Don’t be afraid of colours

With a limited space, many homeowners stick to a muted colour palette to keep the space looking neutral and spacious. But what if a minimalist scheme is not your cup of tea? If you are a fan of bold shades, no need to fret! It is still possible to strategically use eye-catching hues to achieve your desired look.

Living room with a cobalt blue colour scheme accompanied by neutral toned furniture and paintings.

The key is balance. A bright feature wall is best complemented by earth-toned furniture made of natural light wood or industrial textures. Let the colours be the star of your interior design, with furnishings and decoration as accents.

Metallic grey living room complemented with colourful furniture and decoration with vibrant yellow accents.

Colour is not limited to paint. If you’d like to continuously experiment with your home, committing to one colour scheme on your walls might not be the best choice. Instead, keep the walls neutral and opt for vibrant artwork, striking throw pillows, or plants that you can easily change up. Tones from the artwork can also help to determine the holistic palette of the room.

2. Think outside the box

Flats and condominiums are often designed and laid out to accommodate the preferences of the majority. However, there are ways to revamp your home layout so that it matches your needs and reflects your taste.

Sleek wash basin against a neutral wood countertop.

One key example is the bathroom. While most bathrooms in Singapore combine the shower and toilet, the separation of these two components might be a better fit for you. Placing the vanity mirror and sink in the middle helps to tie these distinct spaces together. Opt for a uniquely designed wash basin to add an extra flair to your space.

You can also reassign rooms to better suit your needs. A master bedroom can become the shared bedroom for multiple children, or a small guest room may become a study room. You can even add a full or half wall to a spacious living room to transform part of it into a home office. If you have high ceilings, you can even add an extra bedroom by constructing a loft in your home. The options are endless!

3. Combine fashion and functionality

Creating a space that complements your lifestyle is important when remodelling your home. For example, an open-concept kitchen is trendy, but it may not be practical in spaces with poor ventilation or if you don’t wish your living space to be splattered with grease.

Open-concept kitchen with an open island dining area and a wet kitchen. Photo and design by Ohmyhome.

Creating dedicated wet and dry kitchens can be a simple solution. The dry kitchen could be a central island connected to your living and dining areas – perfect for when you have guests over and need to brew a cup of tea. A closed-off wet kitchen can be reserved for home-cooked dishes, just like what grandma used to make. Add glass swinging doors to your wet kitchen so that cooking aromas and oil splatters are contained.

Transform your residence from boring to distinctive with home remodelling. With some planning and imagination, achieving your dream aesthetic is possible without compromising your lifestyle needs.

Ready to add your personal touch to your home? Ohmyhome Renovation Services makes your vision a reality.

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