3 Important Lessons We Learned From the Women in House of the Dragon

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3 Important Lessons We Learned From the Women in House of the Dragon

Maelyn Lagman

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We’re five episodes into the Game of Thrones spinoff House of the Dragon and it’s glorious. Not just for the fire-breathing dragons and sword-clashing fights, but also for the strong, powerful women at the heart of the show. Particularly, Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and Queen Alicent Hightower. (This show’s Daenerys and Cersei, mayhaps?)

These female characters play a central role in the show — a conscious decision that the showrunners made in their journey to bringing this generation’s much-beloved fantasy franchise back onscreen. 

Both Rhaenerya and Alicent are at the forefront of the story, during the height of the Targaryen dynasty’s rule in Westeros, and are major game changers in the war that’s about to ensue in the following episodes. 

Now, you might be wondering why we’re talking about this at all.

Well, although buying a home is nowhere near as life-altering as the bloody battles in House of the Dragon, it is just as monumental. 

Property decisions are often triggered by major life events. You sell a home and buy a bigger one to accommodate your growing family. Or you just got married and are looking for your marital home. Or your kids just flew the nest and now you’re thinking of right-sizing. 

Whatever the case, these are big changes that will affect you. But from what we’ve shared in this article, not enough women in real life are taking charge of long-term financial planning decisions, deferring to the men in their lives instead. 

And something has to change. 

So today, we’re looking at the strong, powerful females in House of the Dragon and what they can teach us about the important role women play when making property decisions.

If you haven’t started the series yet, be warned. Spoilers ahead!

Know and leverage your value

Remember when Prince Daemon stole a dragon egg from House Targaryen and Rhaenyra went toe to toe with him to get it back (against the wishes of her father, the King) knowing that he wouldn’t hurt her? Yeah, no one in the Small Council saw that coming. 

House of the dragon

But if she didn’t follow her instincts to prove her mettle and trust her intuition that her uncle loves her enough not to slay her, as she demanded him to do so they could “be done will all this bother”, then the Targaryen civil war would have happened much earlier than it’s supposed to.

Be like Rhaenyra and follow your instincts when choosing the next home for you and your family. 

While men look at the hard numbers, you will know best what the family’s lifestyle needs are. And that’s incredibly important to consider, especially for a place you’re going to be spending most of your savings on. 

When I spoke to a Singaporean mum with three kids who owned a HDB and oversaw her home renovation, she gave me a key insight into women’s considerations when choosing a home for the family: 

Women won’t just think about whether the property will be a good investment overall, but also if it’s suitable for the family. They’ll compare if one unit is more suitable for raising kids than another unit. If the home is childproofed or if there are good schools nearby. If there’s a playground for them to play in after school or during the weekends. If the unit layout will work for each family member’s idiosyncrasies. 

They’ll also look at the aesthetics of the home and if it fits their social status, ensuring that the property is not only suitable for them to live in or to raise their children in, but also that it fits into their lifestyle and image in society. 

When you take ownership of the value that you provide, you can leverage that and exude confidence when it’s time to make property decisions with your partner. 

Rise to the challenge

Episode 5 of House of the Dragon had everyone’s jaws dropping as Alicent confidently strode into Rhaenyra’s prenuptial celebrations, halting the King’s speech, while wearing the House of Hightowers’ Green instead of the Targaryens’ Black — a sartorial statement akin to an act of war. 

Women in house of the dragon

This power play comes after she learned of Rhaenyra’s betrayal which got her father removed from his position as Hand of the King and left her on her own to navigate messy court politics. 

But nothing worthwhile comes easy — not when it involves securing the Iron Throne or the best home for your family. 

Studies show that while parents make decisions together, it is the mothers who do the legwork in the decision-making process. They do more of the planning and research, like anticipating needs, identifying options, deciding among those options, and then monitoring the results.

So don’t back down from the challenge of getting your finances in order, saving up for your dream home, or finding the best agent to represent you in your property transaction. Instead, get your feet wet and take charge of what needs to be done. If you don’t know where to start, you can read our homebuyer’s guide for HDBs and condos.

Forge your own path

In the fantasy world of House of the Dragon, the men get to be rulers of the realm while the women are relegated to child-bearing and child-rearing. While Alicent is Queen and Rhaenyra is Heir to the Throne, their positions are still in contention among the lords of the realm. 

Image Source: Screen Rant

That said, the two female characters are definitely fighting against the traditional expectations that have held other women back in Westeros from leading. Whether it’s as physical and obvious as Rhaenyra challenging her uncle in Dragonstone or as subtle as Alicent wearing a green gown.

Obviously, this is not the case in the real world, at least not anymore. But certain pressures can make it seem like it is, whether it’s external (property agents deferring to your husband about property decisions) or internal (your own perceptions about your experience and knowledge in property, or lack thereof). 

Don’t allow these misconceptions to colour your ideas about your worth, or make you blindly follow the path most travelled by your friends, family, or other couples you see on social media that are on the same homebuying journey as you. 

You know your family’s needs, so don’t let what has already been done stop you from finding new and creative ways to reach your property goals. Because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to finding the home of your dreams, and it takes a real understanding of your current situation to make sure those dreams become reality.

A great way to start is by engaging a property agent who will always be by your side and on your side in the transaction process.

An agent who will prioritise your needs and has the track record of making it happen for his/her clients. 

At Ohmyhome, that’s exactly what you get. 

Get advice and hire a professional

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May the fire and blood of dragons be ever in your favour. 

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