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The decision to buy a condominium usually hangs on its location, which is pretty much standard for any real estate transaction. However, when choosing between condominiums located in the same area, how do you settle the matter? Will the price be your simple tie-breaker? Or, would condominium amenities play a bigger role in the decision? 

Condominiums play a huge role in providing shelter for people in crowded cities. Those working in business districts will always appreciate having a home that’s within minutes from their workplace. In return, however, tenants will have to make do with smaller living spaces. 

Types of Condominium Amenities

Artist’s Perspective of The Seasons Residences

Thankfully, condominiums make up for the smaller residences by offering a huge variety of amenities. By amenity, we will go with the widely-accepted definition: a desirable or functional feature that can provide convenience or comfort to tenants. In addition, most see location as an intangible amenity that can influence the daily activities of its residents. 

Below are some of the common types of condominium amenities: 


Artist’s Perspective of Gold Residences

Knowing you live in a safe and secure environment will always be a foremost consideration when choosing a condominium. This is why 24-hour security, closed-circuit cameras, and regular guard patrols should be standard amenities for any condominium you are contemplating purchasing.   


Artist’s Perspective of The Velaris Residences

Like security, elevators should also be standard when it comes to mid-rise and high-rise condominiums. Other desirable condominium amenities focused on convenience include building connectors, covered walkways, multiple entrances, and a reception area or concierge. As dictated by law, handicapped access and parking spaces should also be a given in any condominium project.  

Sports and Recreational 
Artist’s Perspective of Panglao Oasis

This type is one of the most popular considerations when choosing a condo. Foremost is the presence of a swimming pool. Given the tropical climate of the country, many families enjoy having a nice swim on a hot day. However, on ordinary days, most prefer to do so within their enclosed community instead of going out to public pools and beaches. In addition to pools, many tenants would like to have courts (basketball, tennis, badminton, volleyball) that are available year-round. Many would also love having a gym, jacuzzi, and saunas.  These all provide avenues for physical relaxation after a tiring week at work.   

Business and Events 
Artist’s Perspective of The Velaris Residences

When developers establish a community, it becomes inevitable that many of these tenants will form groups based on their mutual interests. In addition, families also tend to organize large celebrations that will require more space than their units can provide. This is condominiums will usually allocate enough space for event halls, function rooms, and even study areas. For a minimal fee, tenants will have exclusive access to these amenities for their private events. 

Mental Health/Meditative 

Artist’s Perspective of Gold Residences

Apart from recreational amenities, many unit owners would also love access to quiet zones that can afford them the mental break they need from time to time. Condominium amenities that cater to this requirement include lush greenery, zen or meditation gardens, reflection pools, and even small chapels. 


Artist’s Perspective of The Velaris Residences

At present, not all condominium associations approve of having pets in residences. However, many have already warmed up to the idea and there is growing support for establishing pet-friendly venues within the common areas. Enclaves and parks allow residents to bring their pets along so that they can have some exercise and meet other pets as well.  

Which Condominium Amenities Should You Choose? 

Ideally, all these amenities should be made available to all condominiums so there’s no need to choose. However, different strokes for different folks and some developers prioritize certain amenities over others. Choosing a condo that includes the amenity types you needs is one way to narrow down a purchase decision. You should always get your money’s worth, and choosing the condominium amenities that you will find most helpful is one way of ensuring this. 

When running through your choices, ask yourself a few questions. What’s the amenity that you can’t live without? What are the amenities that would be great to have? By the end of the day, you’ll have a clearer picture of what you want, which should help make you arrive at a decision much easier.    

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