Rosanne and Race Wong

2R 20th Anniversary: Rosanne And Race Wong Celebrate With Ohmyhome



Rosanne and Race Wong, of the sister-cantopop duo 2R, are finally in the same corner of the world after 2 years of being separated by the pandemic. They’ve reunited in sunny Singapore to celebrate 2R’s 20th anniversary — and they’re spilling all the details.

Much has changed since their 2R days. Rosanne and Race now have families of their own and are running successful businesses in Singapore and Hong Kong, respectively. 

But they’ve come back together for a special reunion series with Ohmyhome to pull back the curtains on 2R’s origin story, the challenges they faced as singers in Hong Kong, and even who their favourite idols are. They also share personal stories of their family’s humble beginnings and give us a taste of what they’re up to today.

Welcome to the 2R Reunion

Episode 1: We got 2R to answer your burning questions

To kickstart their reunion, Rosanne and Race tackle some burning questions from their fans. From how they got started in their singing career to the challenges they faced in their journey to release their own music in Hong Kong, you can hear it all from 2R.

Episode 2: OMG did they really move 30 times? How old are they?

This episode is a special one, as the two sisters recount their childhood memories of moving from one home to another. As the title suggests, they’ve moved around quite a bit. Race especially understands what it takes to move from Singapore to Hong Kong, and back to Singapore once again, after going through the process years ago. 

In the episode, she sheds some light on how she can help if you’re looking to make the move from Hong Kong to Singapore through her company Ohmyhome, an all-in-one property solution. She also shares property market data to give you a better comparison of the price trends in Hong Kong and Singapore.

“If you want to come to Singapore to rent or buy homes,” Race says, “you can always look for me. I have a company called Ohmyhome, and we can help you find a home.”

You can find out more about Ohmyhome Relocation Services here.

Episode 3: ​​2R carpool karaoke! 

After 20 years, can 2R still remember the lyrics to their songs? We find out in this episode. 

As they drive around Singapore, Rosanne and Race revisit their songs and catch up on their lives outside of the spotlight. Race also shares about her ongoing home renovation and how, through her experiences working with different firms and contractors, she was inspired to start her own renovation company — also under the Ohmyhome brand.

You can find all of these videos on Ohmyhome’s official YouTube channel here. And keep a look out for the last episode — which will be coming very soon! To be notified when the final episode is up on our channel, you can hit the ‘Subscribe’ button and click the ‘bell’ button to be notified.

If you want to rewatch the first three 2R Reunion episodes, you can find them in this playlist right here

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